Live In New York - FULL SET | Jimmy Carr

Jimmy shares some of his favourite jokes in a special set in the very heart of the big apple!
The Official Channel for the biggest face in British comedy (literally the biggest face - it's like the moon.)
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  1. Yaser Masood

    Yaser Masood

    21 time siden

    My God, Jimmy had to tame his act and dumb it down for these Yanks.

  2. ron wood

    ron wood

    Dag siden

    Damn, the pc crowd must have made him tone it down for this show, so he didn't trigger anyone.

  3. Andrew Cahill

    Andrew Cahill

    Dag siden

    They , don't get it , the yank's

  4. Fares Ammo

    Fares Ammo

    Dag siden

    Wow Jimmy Feels bad you had a bad crowd

  5. SubjectRandom


    Dag siden

    This is not the real Jimmy Carr, not even close!



    3 dager siden

    00:51 Don't that was in english. Wtf

  7. Zak Martin

    Zak Martin

    3 dager siden

    Born in Limerick, Republic of Ireland, to Patrick James Carr and Nora Mary Lawlor... performing in front of an oversized Union Jack and calling yourself British? That won't go down well with a lot of Irish people.

  8. Dwezz H

    Dwezz H

    3 dager siden

    A bit tame.

  9. Cloud Strife

    Cloud Strife

    4 dager siden

    It’s like a mortuary

  10. Nick Bullock

    Nick Bullock

    4 dager siden

    Americans are anything but clever! Wit and sarcasm is incomprehensible to those slapstick hillbillies

  11. podoz


    5 dager siden

    this is the least funny i've ever seen him

  12. The Undertaker

    The Undertaker

    5 dager siden

    USA audience are cringe

  13. jnicemint


    6 dager siden

    Can’t tell if the crowd’s response is ‘I’m offended’, ‘I don’t get it’ or a mixture of both.

  14. Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.

    Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.

    7 dager siden

    no jewz in the crowd? bummer

  15. Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.

    Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.

    7 dager siden

    620 retards thumbs down

  16. Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.

    Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.

    7 dager siden

    gmo turds

  17. hamock1


    7 dager siden

    What a terrible audience. Cringeworthy. Had to stop watching after 3 minutes.

  18. Vincent Maguire

    Vincent Maguire

    7 dager siden

    Most painful crowd I have every heard laughing must of been agony up on that stage for jimmy. Wonder how Frankie Boyle would go down in new york

  19. Nath The potato

    Nath The potato

    7 dager siden

    Tuff crowd

  20. QueenCersei85


    7 dager siden

    Such a waste of comedy on uptight Americans. It’s so sad that we can’t laugh at things that are funny.

  21. ChocoFly J.MoCo

    ChocoFly J.MoCo

    8 dager siden

    Holy moly, Jimmy should have just went up and done some physical comedy, like being sick or animated punches to make these boring people laugh.

  22. Aaron Conway

    Aaron Conway

    8 dager siden

    those Americans are a little slow still

  23. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt

    9 dager siden

    Hey cmon America I thought you lot could hack dark humour

  24. Matt Harp

    Matt Harp

    9 dager siden

    Why did he hold back?

  25. Liz Brown

    Liz Brown

    10 dager siden

    This is New York. The audience isn't necessarily Americans, probably a bunch of Brit tourists who are afraid to try anything unfamiliar.

  26. TAY LORD


    11 dager siden

    deadest crowd

  27. James Norton

    James Norton

    11 dager siden

    Americans just don’t get British humour what a shame

  28. Debs


    11 dager siden

    That was painful to watch. The yanks have no clue. Come back Jimmy. They don't deserve you.

  29. Lucas Tester

    Lucas Tester

    12 dager siden

    Lol I hate Americans 😂😂

  30. Bradley Tomkins

    Bradley Tomkins

    13 dager siden

    People saying about the audience are dead but was they not laughing

  31. Draco lord

    Draco lord

    13 dager siden

    Jimmy has to walk the audience one step at a time through every joke. They either don't get it or they really are that thick.

  32. ComicBook Guy

    ComicBook Guy

    13 dager siden

    Worst Audience Ever - Comic book guy

  33. Random Task

    Random Task

    13 dager siden

    No jokes about dumb Americans - was he scared he'd be shot?

  34. Joy Sandy

    Joy Sandy

    13 dager siden

    I don't think the audience truly appreciated Jimmy's genius.

  35. Mehul Agarwal

    Mehul Agarwal

    14 dager siden

    Watching it at 1.5x. Still slow

  36. T. J. Brumfield

    T. J. Brumfield

    14 dager siden

    An an American, Jimmy Carr is my favorite comedian. I used to have to pirate all your DVDs because they were region locked. I'm so glad you have material on an official NOplayer channel now. I feel like I have to apologize for my country. They were a terrible audience for you.

  37. Chris B

    Chris B

    15 dager siden

    Pretty embarrassing. Moral here.. Don't tone down your act, for anyone...

  38. graham parker

    graham parker

    15 dager siden

    It must be small if its a choking hazard

  39. graham parker

    graham parker

    15 dager siden

    Funny as fk

  40. Ghazie Arsalan

    Ghazie Arsalan

    15 dager siden

    damn, tough crowd ma man

  41. Armand D

    Armand D

    16 dager siden

    08:29 I find it so weird how nobody got that joke until Jimmy had to literally spell it out for the audience

  42. James Reid

    James Reid

    16 dager siden

    This is such a "wooden" performance, Jimmy needs to just be who he is when he's doing shows in the UK. This set came accross as a pandering mess to a crowd that didn't know who he was. Disappointed

  43. Scott Shields

    Scott Shields

    17 dager siden

    Poor Jimmy ..surrounded by a liberal PC cesspool

  44. ShaneandAngela Reisinger

    ShaneandAngela Reisinger

    17 dager siden

    Sorry you were in ny. Maybe try more inland. That crowd sucked.

  45. xMentor mentor

    xMentor mentor

    17 dager siden

    When your a sarcastic legend dont go to a country that can't comprehend sarcasm

    • xMentor mentor

      xMentor mentor

      12 dager siden

      @Rednek_gamer try every single british comedian

    • Rednek_gamer


      12 dager siden

      @xMentor mentor I take you haven't heard of Daniel Tosh 😂 he might be worse than Jimmy Carr

    • xMentor mentor

      xMentor mentor

      12 dager siden

      @Rednek_gamer in reality though real sarcasm flies right over the typical American

    • Rednek_gamer


      12 dager siden

      America is very sarcastic 😂 the American left kind of ruins fun

  46. Pvt Hudson

    Pvt Hudson

    18 dager siden

    Gag telling is not really the current American style of comedy so it takes audience a while to tune in. Not their fault. He slowly wins them round.

  47. Jay Bee

    Jay Bee

    18 dager siden

    I never realized that Jimmy could be as boring as the other 99.99% of all British comediennes. This is almost as bad as watching Jon Richardson when he's not on 8 Out Of 10 Cats

  48. kathmandu604


    18 dager siden

    its good NOplayer has playback speed adjust button.

  49. the Raven King

    the Raven King

    18 dager siden

    As an American, this crowd embarrasses me, Jimmy is one of the best comedians working. Must have got a bad audience there.

  50. mercytoday


    18 dager siden

    New Yorkers are such inbreds, they are an American embarrassment

  51. Darren Fulton

    Darren Fulton

    18 dager siden

    This crowd sucks

  52. Alastair Wright

    Alastair Wright

    18 dager siden

    Poor Jimmy just sitting there thinking; "I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien, I'm an englishman in New York"

    • Zak Martin

      Zak Martin

      3 dager siden

      An Irishman in New York.

  53. Elyrian Elder

    Elyrian Elder

    19 dager siden

    Sorry to say, I did not think Jimmy was very funny in this video. I've shed tears from laughter at Jimmy's jokes but for some reason this was very very lackluster. Maybe it's cos he was in New York or something.

  54. Cosmin MC

    Cosmin MC

    19 dager siden

    ten years ago

  55. letsseeif


    19 dager siden

    Re English Language Comedy & Irony. I'm Australian in Melbourne. Once shared an office with researcher from The USA.. After nearly three years, I thought I knew him very well, At an opportune moment I faux absentmindedly said "Aussies think that Americans have an 'Irony Bypass'." [expecting him to sigh and say something like, "yes.sadly they don't get out much", or "we only leave home to keep the peace, and that's our excuse."] Well. He hadn't heard! One of the nicest blokes I've ever known and I had failed to read him! The subject was never mentioned again. Having also lived in 'The States', their deep literalist insularity & belief that God saves the US first is alive and well. Lastly. Seemingly, all Commonwealth ex Empire countries GET IRONY in a Really big way. It's central to Aussie life. English language Irony! SO Rule Britannia linguistically and ironically!! Jimmy Carr, take Note. You'll always be welcome down Here. ('aka 'Up Over Here').

  56. SwordanWolf


    19 dager siden

    Once again, America lets itself down. One of the greatest comedians and they flop it. 'Murica! Land of the fucked.

  57. Davy Spoon

    Davy Spoon

    19 dager siden

    Brutal crowd.

  58. Dylan L

    Dylan L

    19 dager siden

    Coastal Americans are by far the dumbest . The more KM inwards you go the smarter they are. You may think they are dumb but they are far happier and psychologically healthier than the average on the coast. In California you can go about 20 miles in and you'll find reason again.

  59. G christopher

    G christopher

    20 dager siden

    Good wtiten Jones but Jimmy's delivery is without presence and one joke after another like reading a list.

  60. nicolasviaje


    20 dager siden

    Oooohh I like coming to these comment gatherings of salty British people pretending they're special. They're so common. You guys are desperate.