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Dyno Testing a $2,500 ELECTRIC TURBO! 48 Volts of BOOST!!

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  1. Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland

    29 dager siden

    Guys it’s NOplayer having problems not my vid. Try skipping ahead to 7:00 if you get stopped, that seems to be working for people. If it continues, perhaps logout and back in. I know there was a recent app update... ugh 😑

    • ThePositiveKRP


      8 dager siden

      Hey bro, the water at my house stopped running! I tried to reset the youtube app, but nothing so far has worked to bring the water back on?

    • Dustyn Hoffmann

      Dustyn Hoffmann

      15 dager siden

      Hey cleet can you please put it on the 4.6 mustang with a V8 to see if it still makes enough boost for a v8? Big fan! Also more boggin deep in the pond!

    • Gabriel Alves

      Gabriel Alves

      16 dager siden

      video is working fine here today, btw the video was really fun to watch

    • Aleksandar Petrovic

      Aleksandar Petrovic

      18 dager siden

      I didn't understand, Is this non turbo diesel engine?

    • Michael Morell

      Michael Morell

      18 dager siden

      No video stoppage at all.

  2. rugbyguitargod


    5 timer siden

    This would really shine on an RZR or another side by side ATV at lower boost

  3. Иван Идиатулин

    Иван Идиатулин

    7 timer siden


  4. 14truk


    15 timer siden

    I think the turbo is worth more than the car!

  5. regejade


    17 timer siden

    Can you build it also on a turbocar?

  6. Ryan Berry

    Ryan Berry

    19 timer siden

    be interesting to see this bolted to a normal turbo so you can completely eliminate the lag and get full boost when ever you put your foot down.

  7. banana music xd

    banana music xd

    23 timer siden

    its more hp buuuuuuuuuuuuuut its not rwd so its well less awesome -_- lel

  8. Yousef Manea

    Yousef Manea

    Dag siden

    When the turbo spins it’s bad for the electric motor

  9. Dave Robbins

    Dave Robbins

    Dag siden

    "Tooken" "Awesomer" Schooled in the USA

  10. Eldon Cassinelli

    Eldon Cassinelli

    Dag siden

    I've got an r6 that el turbo sounds like fun

  11. Unstoppable2105


    Dag siden

    Is that a mullet

  12. Adam Mathew

    Adam Mathew

    Dag siden

    Cleetus usually makes great videos but damn I really liked this one, this is what america is all about

  13. You Tube

    You Tube

    Dag siden

    For 2500.00 I could buy a real turbo



    2 dager siden

    I could see this being used in a compound set up.

  15. jaimeintenance


    2 dager siden

    It's an electric supercharger.

  16. Rob P

    Rob P

    2 dager siden

    I see 2 of them have the Mallett start kit. Lol

  17. Martin Mainwolf

    Martin Mainwolf

    2 dager siden

    mercedes W202 C200 N/A 136PS/ 175Nm... W210 E430 N/A 279PS/410Nm this is no Power for 2,2l

  18. We all Seek the same

    We all Seek the same

    2 dager siden

    can’t wait till you can get one for300 bucks from china.. no way there’s 2500 worth of battery and motor there...

  19. We all Seek the same

    We all Seek the same

    2 dager siden

    where do you buy methanol?

  20. Nobody


    3 dager siden

    Making a sleeper

  21. Ban


    3 dager siden

    14:00 increase 40HP?

  22. Ban


    3 dager siden

    버튼 방식의 강제 과급기?

  23. Adolf Eclair

    Adolf Eclair

    3 dager siden

    Oh my god, a hairdresser should die

  24. jacob hyde

    jacob hyde

    3 dager siden

    Awesome video!! You guys rock! I want one for my Dodge Dart 6 speed 2.0 LOL

  25. djjohnnymusic


    3 dager siden

    Dig the Holden Statesman on the hoist in the background. Aussie made GM product, oil, oil, oi!

  26. Morte Parla

    Morte Parla

    3 dager siden

    Doesn't this fundamentally defeat the purpose of a turbo, since a turbo is intended to use otherwise wasted exhaust pressure to turn it into horsepower... Now granted, I can see a huge benefit here... No crazy plumming and no fucking with the exhaust!

  27. miscellaneousone


    4 dager siden

    That's actually pretty neat. Getting better than a 25% performance increase for $2500 bucks. How much would it cost to get that using other methods?

  28. fordfiveohh


    4 dager siden

    So what's the difference between this and a supercharger other than the fact that this isn't belt driven

    • Turrnaroud


      Dag siden

      @Teh Agent nah it blows

    • Teh Agent

      Teh Agent

      Dag siden

      ​@Turrnaroud Well that sucks Wait no it doesnt

    • Turrnaroud


      3 dager siden

      superchargers are constant and dont ever stop blowing.

  29. THAT GUY


    4 dager siden

    Get a legit intake and open up the exhaust and I bet you'll net another 20hp. Maybe.

  30. Larry Gall

    Larry Gall

    5 dager siden

    Use rigid intake tube to get more boost. That duct is made for vac. only, and it's stretching out and you're losing some pressure that way. A second thing, if this was going to be a daily driver, you could make a diverter, with a flap that would open easily with suction, but slam shut with any boost at all, and would connect to the air box / filter. Could be done with a solenoid, too. This would give your loss back and save gas for daily use. Since this is a short boost cycle, it would help even if it were used for racing.. Rigid pipe for sure, though...

  31. jimmyhackers


    5 dager siden

    the case oil breather tube feeding the intel is bleeding off pressure. you can see it leaking at 17:00. its loosing pressure and you shouldnt be feeding boost into your oil breather line.

    • Mark Kayser

      Mark Kayser

      2 dager siden

      That was a huge issue with the Saab 9-5's. He is right, don't pressurize the oil pan.

  32. manwiththemoviecamra


    5 dager siden

    I want to know about heads and head gaskets. I would love to add this to my Subaru Crosstrek, but Subaru can't even get non turbo head gaskets that don't blow. Am I just asking to replace head gaskets twice as much?

  33. Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia

    6 dager siden

    I like the takuache cut cleetus

  34. Markemmanuel Rodriguez

    Markemmanuel Rodriguez

    6 dager siden

    Geez... This makes me want to boost my HHR. This might be trouble for me.

  35. Last man standing

    Last man standing

    6 dager siden

    You should add a potentiometer to the gas pedal to adjust the turbo speed to be linear with throttle position

  36. Last man standing

    Last man standing

    6 dager siden

    Every other performance mod you could make is more effective in cheaper than this you can get a legitimate turbo kit for $2,500 if not you can get nitrous for 600 bucks this is cool but it's not really cost efficient

  37. OriginMultislayer


    7 dager siden

    What's up with those mullets tho? Is that a thing now in US?

    • Everything Backcountry

      Everything Backcountry

      4 dager siden

      OriginMultislayer yes, yes it is a thing.

  38. Mini on nitrous 105BHP to 205BHP

    Mini on nitrous 105BHP to 205BHP

    7 dager siden

    Need to spay it with nos

  39. Mini on nitrous 105BHP to 205BHP

    Mini on nitrous 105BHP to 205BHP

    7 dager siden

    Can u get them in the UK

  40. screenshot123


    7 dager siden

    Dudes, you lost me when you decided to use methanol. Your neighborhood must have a plentiful supply of meth labs? :) 1st pull, the turbo created 5 psi. 2nd pull, 7 psi, but both were brief 3 second bursts. Thereafter, the boost reduced to 3 psi. That's probably a wise safety threshold by the company to prolong engine life. Many customers won't have the slightest idea of the engine's A/F ratio or detonation under boost, another limitation to engine life until things go boom. Looks like a viable product for joy rides and brief street drag races. I pity the engine if run for many boosted 1/4 miles with lean A/F. Should customers purchase a laptop as well to manipulate the injector duty cycle? Got a feeling most customers will merely hang the turbo assembly onto the air cleaner snout and jury rig (maybe) a proper air filter. Probably more convenient to move from car to lawn mower to go-cart.