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I REALLY don't have time for this - *EMERGENCY* PC BUILD

Check out the Fractal Design Ion+ Series Power Supply:
What do you get when you have a PC riddled with BSODs and a historical stream event going live in a few hours? Quite possibly the most frantic new system build ever.
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Getting BSODs and time is RUNNING OUT - Emergency PC build!


  1. Bitwit


    Måned siden

    Hey bitbois, thanks for being a part of this one :D Forgot to mention that the error codes pointed to a mix of hardware AND software-related issues which means it really could have been anything causing the crashes. Maybe I'll troubleshoot the system when I get some time. Also ICYMI, our 200th Awesome Hardware stream was flawless with the new rig. It's also been going strong with zero issues elsewhere since :)

    • Nitrus


      Måned siden

      Kyle did you forget to take your medication

    • Planet Jupiter

      Planet Jupiter

      Måned siden

      Maybe your pc is too slow

    • Anže Cerar

      Anže Cerar

      Måned siden

      When you watch an "emergency" pc build and I still only have i5 4460 and no graphic card

    • hellurei täällä

      hellurei täällä

      Måned siden

      Might be ssd/hdd issue in a sense... Drivers dont like other drivers you know..

    • Dtr146


      Måned siden

      that's the thing though why do I get the feeling that you just wanted to build a new one

  2. Timothy Moore

    Timothy Moore

    12 timer siden

    This was better then the verge pc build.

  3. Bl0odSky


    Dag siden

    i need a gaming pc

  4. Loenzus


    2 dager siden


  5. alexpsp00


    3 dager siden

    this was a very emotional video

  6. Tail


    3 dager siden

    The music you put at 6:02 is the music for a game called pc architech

  7. Thanos’s Fingers

    Thanos’s Fingers

    4 dager siden

    I’m having flashbacks to HowtoBasic

  8. ProxiiPlayz


    8 dager siden

    This ssd isn't 500GB it's 2 tera *byhahahhehehehehahytesohappy*

  9. Gió Wijnschenk

    Gió Wijnschenk

    10 dager siden

    Imagine having so many pc's in your house you can use a pc as a stand for another.

  10. Lime


    11 dager siden

    has an rtx lying around

  11. Ken Voelker

    Ken Voelker

    12 dager siden

    I don’t know why but I love how this video went. The one-handed interactions you had and just the overall speed of the video was really fun to watch. Keep it up nitwit! *cough* Bitwit!

  12. neotenken


    12 dager siden

    Love the videos, very fun and informative so don't take offense to this but half way through I forgot the purpose of this build. Just seemed like bragging but glad I watched til the end to remind me. 👍🍻

  13. Luke Redstar

    Luke Redstar

    12 dager siden

    X570 board with an r5 on it...yeah, I don't like how that sounds either. That r5 is better suited to a b450. Why did you DO that??

  14. Zach Spangler

    Zach Spangler

    13 dager siden

    Wifey Sauce: Takes apart all dust collecting builds. Bitwit: Lets build a PC!

  15. kyle cracraft

    kyle cracraft

    13 dager siden

    I love your content but God I hate seeing all your "collecting dust" stuff when I can't afford a gaming pc. 😂😂😂 Yet. One day right?

  16. G Thomas

    G Thomas

    13 dager siden

    Came here after watching a Slow Mo Guys video, hearing Kyle talk in 2x nearly gave me a stroke

  17. A Dank Coder - Memes

    A Dank Coder - Memes

    14 dager siden

    Haha I have a 2080 Super

  18. Callum MacGregor

    Callum MacGregor

    14 dager siden

    if Tech Source saw those wires, you would be dead.

  19. DanesCollection


    14 dager siden

    Just found your channel, looking to get off of console gaming. Want to run 200FPS on Fortnite and possibly stream. I haven’t built a computer since probably 2004 and liquid cooling wasn’t really a thing. But everything today confuses the holy crap out of me. Not looking to spend $10k, but I also know I can’t achieve 200FPS with $500

  20. Brebie GT

    Brebie GT

    15 dager siden

    Thats the most funny pc build vid i saw yet :DDD Thanks, made my day.

  21. Luka Loridon

    Luka Loridon

    15 dager siden

    you keep your cpus face down on a rough stone top???

  22. Brent P

    Brent P

    15 dager siden

    That sexy chassis-on-chassis action...

  23. kiki kiks

    kiki kiks

    15 dager siden

    And at the end will be Elgato expansion card the problem LoL

  24. Asen Masen

    Asen Masen

    15 dager siden

    Imagine being so rich that you use another PC to put down your main Rig. Cries in gt 640

  25. Neomizo


    15 dager siden

    Got the same problem and I tried everything but have no money for a new pc lol

  26. william lin

    william lin

    16 dager siden

    take you pc help needs to careyholzman go to his youtube channel



    16 dager siden

    Hey Kyle could you explain how you get 283 mbps copy speed at 10:40? Cheers

  28. Rica Esquivel

    Rica Esquivel

    17 dager siden

    12:36 me browsing through tinder profiles

  29. yvanthe terrible

    yvanthe terrible

    17 dager siden


  30. OmegaDaBoi


    18 dager siden

    12:46 that was actually for the 1650 not 1050 ti

  31. Marco Giampa

    Marco Giampa

    19 dager siden


  32. Styleder Gaming

    Styleder Gaming

    19 dager siden

    Hhmmm maybe Kyle is HowtoBasic

  33. Russell Mania

    Russell Mania

    19 dager siden

    Quotidien Kyle. Brilliant.

  34. Echelon730


    20 dager siden

    Your one handed glass removal is DANGEROUSLY CLOSE TO BEING "HOW TO BASIC"

  35. scoobygms210


    20 dager siden

    I loved this video haha

  36. Austin Farley

    Austin Farley

    21 dag siden

    Fractel PR is just going, "Okay did no one watch the Lyle videos?"

  37. Brandon Carter

    Brandon Carter

    21 dag siden

    im very confused not saying the msi is better or worse but form your last video that msi was an x570 bored why did you not just use that one

  38. Cuma


    22 dager siden


  39. offsage 70

    offsage 70

    22 dager siden

    I know its impossible but your people must be sooooo offended by the ads you do in the video

  40. blue green

    blue green

    22 dager siden

    Enough with the bad voices

  41. Noble Gaming

    Noble Gaming

    23 dager siden

    I really wanna see the full pc cause i have the same GPU but RTX 2080 Super version and I wanna buy the P400a but i wanna see how it looks first

  42. Name Less

    Name Less

    23 dager siden

    You’re fucking cringe asl

  43. QuantumXX


    24 dager siden

    What substance are u on? 😂

  44. Sanira Botheju

    Sanira Botheju

    24 dager siden

    i'd love these kind of builds plz give me a tower!!

  45. Danny Mauricio

    Danny Mauricio

    24 dager siden

    It’s like howtobasic but for PC parts

  46. 3.D.0.T


    25 dager siden

    12:50 which video is this

  47. Filip Prodovic

    Filip Prodovic

    25 dager siden

    this is a point in life where you build a new pc instead of trubleshooting

  48. Josh N

    Josh N

    26 dager siden

    I was laughing the whole video. This was one of the funnier Bitwit videos I've seen. I loved the self made soundtrack during initial startup.

  49. Viljar


    26 dager siden

    cable management is kinda wack ngl

  50. Alex Garbarino

    Alex Garbarino

    26 dager siden

    Those poor CPUs on that stone surface 😱

  51. Samuel Arnold

    Samuel Arnold

    26 dager siden

    I never watch your Streams with Paul, because I don't enjoy listening to Paul. I could listen to Kyle all day long, he's so animated and excites the audience. Paul just rambles, on... and on... and on. I get so bored! In his defence, he know's what hes talking about and makes some good points, but not good at captivating the audience. Maybe one day you'll find someone else to collab with.

    • Samuel Arnold

      Samuel Arnold

      26 dager siden

      And I love the occasional Lyall gag!

  52. Veer Maharaj

    Veer Maharaj

    26 dager siden

    God dammit, get a gopro already!!!!

  53. Blastaux


    27 dager siden

    Do you make these sounds when you are building off-camera?

  54. Cory Mayne-Williams

    Cory Mayne-Williams

    28 dager siden

    This is how i'm doing my pc build videos

  55. Cody Moore

    Cody Moore

    29 dager siden

    I think you take the cake as the most entertaining and funny reviewer. This one had me laughing quite a lot. Awesome video!!!

  56. Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström

    Måned siden

    Haha still love Fractal Josh-i-poo xD

  57. Domzz z

    Domzz z

    Måned siden

    Perfect use for a dell.

  58. Catherine Morgan

    Catherine Morgan

    Måned siden

    here is the sad part im going to add I know its better than just throwing that old dell out part whats in and tower peeps like me who build comp for whom can't afford 1 that is heaven and it's used as a piece of furniture on the floor 1 my OCD is crying and two crying that would have come in handy for a build im doing

  59. Bogdan Cernastuc

    Bogdan Cernastuc

    Måned siden

    Can i build a pc for me with what i find in your house ? :)

  60. Planet Jupiter

    Planet Jupiter

    Måned siden

    Maybe your pc is too slow