i play “ain’t no sunshine” but the intro is a bit different

hey guys i made this very normal cover of "ain't no sunshine" very normal nothing different at all about it just standard normal. i am sorry
Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. SethEverman


    10 dager siden

    hey guys i'm back

    • PenaGelada


      10 dager siden

      Bald guy

    • 4aid3r lol

      4aid3r lol

      10 dager siden


    • Nullstein


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    • KardTrickKid


      10 dager siden

      Guess who's back

  2. Eu Memo

    Eu Memo

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  3. Insanee


    13 minutter siden

    get this to 420k likes

  4. Payback !

    Payback !

    38 minutter siden

    I can't stand your face so I unsubscribed smfh,but great skills ,but I just can't look at your face one more time

  5. Adrián Alfaro

    Adrián Alfaro

    Time siden

    Is that your real voice? Niiiice

  6. Alvin Afian

    Alvin Afian

    2 timer siden

    Make the full version

  7. Fanboy1128


    2 timer siden

    Oh yeah

  8. Akai Shuuichi

    Akai Shuuichi

    2 timer siden

    So you became bald because of your workout

  9. Carl Lazarraga

    Carl Lazarraga

    3 timer siden

    Daaaamn bro. Full version please.

  10. PixelatedCoder


    3 timer siden

    Am I dreaming Seth is singing

  11. 桜AcientSakura


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  12. Mingo


    5 timer siden

    Greetz from Hamburg City

  13. z3 n

    z3 n

    6 timer siden

    Re-Watch Value 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

  14. Manitez


    8 timer siden

    Its him singing with an already made lyric

  15. ユーザーググる


    11 timer siden

    YO!!! blown away by the singing! I felt it. I felt the cosmos

  16. SomeBody Yes

    SomeBody Yes

    12 timer siden

    gotta admit this is my favorite video from seth

  17. ThatOneRubiksDude


    12 timer siden

    when I first heard the bass line to Rocky I was like “hol up”

  18. ISAAIC TheGreat

    ISAAIC TheGreat

    12 timer siden

    We all know why this video took so long: Seth would never be able to bring himself to do the exercise needed for the video. Glad he got there

  19. Joaquín Andres Casanova

    Joaquín Andres Casanova

    12 timer siden

    We just passed from Seth playing bass to Seth singing. That's way too bEauTiFUL.

  20. Ace Jimenez

    Ace Jimenez

    12 timer siden

    1 like is a request for Seth to make more videos singing ❤️

  21. Stew Peed

    Stew Peed

    12 timer siden

    agent 47 has now become a youtuber eh?

  22. wali syed

    wali syed

    13 timer siden

    Hi davie504

  23. MrMemePad


    13 timer siden

    Starts with Moonlight Sonata Continues with Still Dre Ends with Rocky Theme Song

  24. The Nelii Show

    The Nelii Show

    13 timer siden

    i’m the bald guy

  25. Hogaza


    13 timer siden

    angery singery boi

  26. Malcolm Morin

    Malcolm Morin

    14 timer siden

    Seth, I am begging you, please make a full cover of this, I will make you breakfast from Ikea for life.

  27. soulhunter bill

    soulhunter bill

    14 timer siden

    One punch man can sing?

  28. Vinny Sanford

    Vinny Sanford

    14 timer siden

    Ngl he kinda vibing

  29. Ross


    15 timer siden

    Duuuude this is fucking awesome.

  30. Magma Beef

    Magma Beef

    15 timer siden

    slap like

  31. Elbora


    16 timer siden

    be my dad please

  32. Howard Garancho

    Howard Garancho

    16 timer siden

    This video can make u smile and laugh at the same time.

  33. Jordan Cressley

    Jordan Cressley

    17 timer siden

    Cause you’re a bald guy.

  34. Joel Highfield

    Joel Highfield

    17 timer siden

    The voice on you tho damn

  35. Briana Gawley

    Briana Gawley

    17 timer siden

    He is Swedish Michael Bublé

  36. micoromico


    17 timer siden

    So nice

  37. Krafty Karrizzma

    Krafty Karrizzma

    17 timer siden


  38. P-series


    18 timer siden

    1:24 replay button

  39. MrJrbf


    18 timer siden

    Your'e almost look like johnny sins

  40. Merry Darling

    Merry Darling

    18 timer siden

    marry me