YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. For Rewind 2019, let’s see what you DID like.
Celebrating the creators, music and moments that mattered most to you in 2019.
To learn how the top lists in Rewind were generated: rewind.youtube/about
Top lists featured the following channels:
@1MILLION Dance Studio
@Ariana Grande
@Awez Darbar
@Billie Eilish
@Black Gryph0n
@Daddy Yankee
@David Dobrik
@Dude Perfect
@Felipe Neto
@Galen Hooks
@James Charles
@Kylie Jenner
@Lil Dicky
@Lil Nas X
@LOUD Babi
@LOUD Coringa
@Magnet World
@Nilson Izaias Papinho Oficial
@Noah Schnapp
@백종원의 요리비책 Paik's Cuisine
@Shawn Mendes
@Team Naach
@하루한끼 one meal a day
To see the full list of featured channels in Rewind 2019, visit: rewind.youtube/about


  1. Frozen Flame

    Frozen Flame

    8 timer siden

    This is 5 minute straight "*cringe*" video

  2. coltboi978


    8 timer siden

    why didn't they put pewdiepie as the first channel to hit 100 mil, i mean i know T-series did it first, but they used a sub bot. smh

  3. Joshua Meraz

    Joshua Meraz

    8 timer siden

    NOplayer: We made something you didn’t like in 2018 so we made something you would like this year 4 million dislikes 😂 😂

  4. AlDelVex


    8 timer siden

    I’m gonna keep on pasting this comment until somebody gives it a like

  5. Lemonyfartjuice24


    8 timer siden

    1.4M likes 4M likes

  6. nice duck

    nice duck

    8 timer siden

    You know watchmojo can do the same thing right?

  7. Tom B

    Tom B

    8 timer siden

    Azzy land 😁

  8. Tw1sted Noob

    Tw1sted Noob

    8 timer siden

    Cringe... Once Again...

  9. swshenta1


    8 timer siden

    OH SH*T BTS!! 👎

  10. Galaxy The Furry

    Galaxy The Furry

    8 timer siden

    I feel like NOplayer has ran out of idea of what a Rewind is.. but I do like the idea of this just doesn't feel like a Rewind. I mean this is a Rewind but NOplayer is stealing content from others (which I feel is unnecessary) I would love to see a bunch of NOplayerr and people who are known to get together and make a Rewind with the help of NOplayer. Maybe this will help NOplayer get ideas and have people enjoy this a lot more. I use to love these since some made me laugh confused and sad. I missed those. #2019

  11. paul Valer

    paul Valer

    8 timer siden

    es totalmente del asco nada de criterio para gustarle al público

  12. random person

    random person

    8 timer siden

    The people that made this are just a bunch of boomers lol

  13. Chieftain


    8 timer siden

    I just came here to make sure fortnite didn’t take the spotlight again

  14. Cheap Kiwis

    Cheap Kiwis

    8 timer siden

    didn’t include chicken leg bih



    8 timer siden

    Me gusto más que el del año pasado👍 Las cosas como son :v👏

  16. Comrade Ník

    Comrade Ník

    8 timer siden

    try again youtube, try again

  17. Nitish Ashok

    Nitish Ashok

    8 timer siden

    failed even more than last year

  18. Noble 7 Superman

    Noble 7 Superman

    8 timer siden

    2019 Anyone?

  19. •Cristal Doodle•

    •Cristal Doodle•

    8 timer siden

    I haven't even heard about half the people they just showed 😐

  20. Mason Baker

    Mason Baker

    8 timer siden

    These comments gonna get more likes than the video. 😂

  21. Ian Ardiansyah

    Ian Ardiansyah

    8 timer siden

    I'm gonna tell my kids this is WatchMojo

  22. darkkyloren 17

    darkkyloren 17

    8 timer siden

    The F2

  23. Jess 2078

    Jess 2078

    8 timer siden

    At least pewds was mentioned this year. Still gonna dis like tho bc they mentioned t series hitting 100M.

  24. dUKc ChEZ

    dUKc ChEZ

    8 timer siden

    Honestly not bad just had some faults

  25. Enzo de Melo Soares

    Enzo de Melo Soares

    8 timer siden

    isso não é necessariamente ruim, mas infelizmente parece preguiçoso - é basicamente um vídeo dos dez melhores. você pode fazer melhor do que este youtube

  26. Succulent Succ

    Succulent Succ

    8 timer siden

    This is worse than 2018 lmao

  27. Jalen


    8 timer siden

    Where thanos from last year at?

  28. FROZ3N freezy

    FROZ3N freezy

    8 timer siden


  29. Dirt Thing

    Dirt Thing

    8 timer siden

    Umm where is Sven and water sheep

  30. AlDelVex


    8 timer siden

    I’m gonna keep on pasting this comment until somebody gives it a like

  31. Luxz77  Definitivo

    Luxz77 Definitivo

    8 timer siden

    Voy a ser objetivo con este Rewind El rewind es eso una recapitulacion de lo mas popular en youtube Los records Las vistas Los likes Pero tambien nos acostumbró youtube a los videos donde estan personas que se hicieron famosas por algo que no hace en el rewind Por eso decidieron hacer esto y esto Significa el Rewind

  32. Франк The chamber of imperialism

    Франк The chamber of imperialism

    8 timer siden

    I mean it is just a glorified top ten list but it’s better than last year

  33. Tim Schäfer

    Tim Schäfer

    8 timer siden

    Just do it like the 2014 one Its Not this Hard

  34. badass bos

    badass bos

    8 timer siden

    At least youtube put lazarbeam in the video at least twice

  35. Santiago Vargas Romero

    Santiago Vargas Romero

    8 timer siden

    The Freestyle

  36. tehpwnagepie


    8 timer siden

    They really didn't add Jablinski to the new creators? Aight.

  37. Vermont Drone Photography

    Vermont Drone Photography

    8 timer siden

    NOplayer had all of 2019 to learn from Rewind last year and we get a watch mojo video.

  38. Ava Goodwin

    Ava Goodwin

    8 timer siden

    so this how we ending the decade 😐