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  1. Ethan Dizon

    Ethan Dizon

    2 timer siden

    OMG I love that this movie is free on youtube and the choreography and directing is amazing that I've watched this at least 20 times

  2. Danielle 27

    Danielle 27

    2 timer siden

    Oh my god this is so good! I Love the colours and the Songs!

  3. Yap Arthur

    Yap Arthur

    2 timer siden

    Melanie Martinez is so good U deserve the 8.53m subs great job Melanie

  4. Anushka Shah

    Anushka Shah

    2 timer siden

    1:13:10 I just felt my heart shatter

  5. Allen Villanova

    Allen Villanova

    2 timer siden

    So manny symbolism without any meaning. Trying to be dark using a pink atmosphere but it wasn't. It's not a bad movie but not a 10/10

  6. Preet Mattu

    Preet Mattu

    2 timer siden

    Dam she loves her fans I love the movie 10/10

  7. RockStarTonight811


    2 timer siden

    1:10:40 - 1:10:50 Sis went thru a whole tsunami of facial expressions and I’m here for it 😍😍😍

  8. Ryry Conyers

    Ryry Conyers

    2 timer siden

    Okay I am a die hard Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan. But your can't lie.. This plays with your mind as much as The Rocky Horror Picture Show did. *I dress up as Frank N. Furter every year. * But this boggles a mind as much as it did in 75. This is the 2019 equivalent! I love it! Can't stop watching it. Melanie Martinez you stepped up as a queen to me! She took me out of my dark place Can't stop watching it!

  9. pito


    2 timer siden


  10. Gabriel Lima

    Gabriel Lima

    2 timer siden

    Amei aaa

  11. Señor Ham

    Señor Ham

    2 timer siden

    Do I not get it or is this undoubtedly talented person stuck in middle school? I feel bad if that's the case. Seems like she could write amazing songs if it wasn't for that.

  12. Anne's Oddities

    Anne's Oddities

    3 timer siden

    Does anyone else love this movie so much that they want it on a disc... Just me, ok. Also beautiful movie. Makes me feel better about myself, also for people who don't understand this is what real life is basically like. But I love it. I love Melanie's creativity and how she thinks. Best movie and producer ever. Also breaking my heart here. Like why couldn't the other boy go with her... Like why, poor boy. I could compliment this movie for hours. So I'm gonna stop. Love you all have a nice day. Melanie great job!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  13. Kiara Landon

    Kiara Landon

    3 timer siden

    Who got silent hill vibes with the nurses scene!!

  14. Kalie Woods

    Kalie Woods

    3 timer siden

    Gonna be real honest right now. TW. About a year ago I lived with my dad and his roommate Bishop (who's 41). I can't explain how much I looked up to Bishop. He was intelligent and creative and daring and adventurous and he was always so kind to me. I lived with this man for 3 years between ages 14-17. My parents... aren't the best. I've never once felt like I could rely on them. Bishop stepped up for me though. He helped me and listened to me and educated me. I had no clue that he was doing all of this to manipulate me. I knew he had a bad track record. I was close friends with his daughter and when I first met her she warned me not to get too close to him. She said "Promise me you won't fuck my dad. He'll hurt you" and i was 14. I thought it was a joke. It wasn't. He convinced me, slowly, that drinking isn't as bad as i thought (i've always had a negative view on alcohol). He convinced me just 1 beer won't hurt. I believed him. He convinced me just 1 hit of acid won't kill me. I believed him. I was vulnerable. I let him make me vulnerable. ...... Note: I consented. And i consented three more times without drugs or alcohol to convince me. But still... When my dad found out we moved. That day. We left most of our belongings behind and abandoned one of my cats because my dad was afraid one more second would hurt me even more. The cat is ok, the daughter cares for her now. But I'm gonna be honest, with that horror story of an experience behind me this album helps. A lot. Especially Teacher's pet and (to a lesser extent in this case) Strawberry Shortcake. Seeing that other girls have been manipulated by older men. Hearing that i'm not the only one who's heard that my "mind is well beyond my years". Seeing that I'm not alone. Seeing Angelita kill him. Seeing her escape that pain.. It helps. Hearing crybaby say that it's not my fault I was a victim. It helps. Thank you Melanie Martinez. Thank you for telling me I'm not alone.

  15. Maribel Mangasar

    Maribel Mangasar

    3 timer siden

    9:31 that's what you get pervert driver!! :p

  16. Elizabeth Jackson

    Elizabeth Jackson

    3 timer siden

    I love Melanie and her crazy, wacky, ways of highlighting the issues of today's society. If this doesn't get some sort of award, or multiple awards, then the general public has no taste.

  17. Lawan Tirani

    Lawan Tirani

    3 timer siden

    Melanie Martinez, "little body big heart"

  18. -LovelyDear- 11YT

    -LovelyDear- 11YT

    3 timer siden

    THE ENDING!?!?!?

  19. Tintin Parada

    Tintin Parada

    3 timer siden


  20. TindieNK


    3 timer siden

    So i showed my mom this movie and i asked her what she thought about it she said “This is not a movie, This is a master piece”

  21. EVIE small

    EVIE small

    3 timer siden

    im back again

  22. Amy Wolf

    Amy Wolf

    3 timer siden

    what is this rated

  23. naruto and kpop lover

    naruto and kpop lover

    3 timer siden

    The film was confusing but amazing 😍😍

  24. Maria Unicorn

    Maria Unicorn

    3 timer siden

    Me: How much clothes can you put in this movie? Melanie: yes I think is original. Don't hate me, pls😭 I'll delete it if is not original. Sowwyyy

  25. Heidi


    3 timer siden

    While I appreciate Melanie's art and it was creative.. I feel a lot of the points she try's to make in this video are looking at absolute worst case scenarios and being very extreme/vulgar. I would have liked to see more positivity spread threwout the movie. There is so much more beauty in the world then what is bad.

  26. Nella YaBella

    Nella YaBella

    3 timer siden

    Y'all, who else noticed the mean girl and Leo didn't leave the building?



    3 timer siden

    Did it hurt any body else's heart when she didn't realize that one dude really really liked her (the one who wrote poem)

  28. Emma Cole

    Emma Cole

    3 timer siden

    We need the second movie with that cliff hanger omg

  29. Swifty Jiffy

    Swifty Jiffy

    3 timer siden

    It’s very rare that I buy a whole album UNLESS it’s Kehlani....but Melanie brought all the smoke!!! I love the concepts, especially for the women. It’s very encouraging and eye opening. Crybaby intrigued me, and K-12 sold me. She’s amazing!!! I’m gonna watch the movie again.

  30. Poop Spaghetti

    Poop Spaghetti

    3 timer siden

    Damn Melanie looks so BEAUTIFUL in 51:37 Also Orange Juice, Wheels on the bus, Strawberry Short cake, The Principal, High School Sweet Hearts, Nurse's Office, Show And Tell and Detention are my favourites

  31. Kiara Landon

    Kiara Landon

    3 timer siden

    So many hidden messages and Easter eggs

  32. ruby


    3 timer siden

    1:09:12...step seven..this one goes to *eleven* .... i dump your ass...

  33. Stew-A-Rew


    3 timer siden

    Eh 2:30am and it's a school say, I can watch

  34. andra


    3 timer siden

  35. stan loona

    stan loona

    3 timer siden

    Please watch the performance of Melanie Martinez in Jimmy Kimmel Live!💕 Music of performance:’Strawberry Shortcake’.

  36. Allysa Horne

    Allysa Horne

    3 timer siden

    Movie got me wondering if she's gonna make the music scenes as the music videos just with the movie dialog or have completely new videos..🤔💕

  37. bruh moment

    bruh moment

    3 timer siden

    PFF why does my school uniform have to be so UGLY I WANT THOSE PASTEL OUTFITS ✌️😪

  38. Anushka Shah

    Anushka Shah

    3 timer siden

    am I watching this for the fifth time at midnight on a school night even though I have a calc test at 7:30 in the morning? yes.

  39. Kaylenceシ


    3 timer siden

    16:53 is when meleanie was on stage and he fan was screamed "i love you " while she was talking and her response was this



    3 timer siden

    This music video is brilliant!!!

  41. Maria Rogowsky

    Maria Rogowsky

    4 timer siden

    Her music is amazing and she's beautiful made a whole movie with no ads we don't deserve her 😘💓 also she sings about important things that are happening

  42. Shaelynn Buggs

    Shaelynn Buggs

    4 timer siden

    If you don’t put that floor spaghetti down! I got serious mom vibes tho

  43. the none sense sisters

    the none sense sisters

    4 timer siden

    Thank you Melanie

  44. P. S.

    P. S.

    4 timer siden

    I am really offended. Where are the Russian subtitles? I CAN'T SEE THIS FILMMMMMM BUT I LOVE MELANIE MARTINEZ😢😢😢

  45. Sophia Ning

    Sophia Ning

    4 timer siden

    whats the song playing at 1:13:38

    • Nightcore Channel’

      Nightcore Channel’

      3 timer siden

      Sophia Ning tonight you belong to me

  46. mariuh blazing

    mariuh blazing

    4 timer siden


  47. CaRcypher


    4 timer siden

    Did I just become a fan?, I saw this on another site but wow I am blown away and Strawberry Shortcake is my fav song now.

    • Damnit Johnny!

      Damnit Johnny!

      3 timer siden

      Welcome to being a crybaby~John.

  48. Andromeda Stars

    Andromeda Stars

    4 timer siden

    Oh my god! I just got it why Melanie’s uniform is purple! It’s because of equality, right? This just made the movie more amazing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  49. Sunny Willis

    Sunny Willis

    4 timer siden

    What happened to the bully girl

  50. Allison Huie

    Allison Huie

    4 timer siden


    • Allison Huie

      Allison Huie

      4 timer siden


  51. Pedro Gonzalez

    Pedro Gonzalez

    4 timer siden

    The way the nurses moved reminded me of the nurses from Silent hill....very creepy

  52. Concerts Concerts

    Concerts Concerts

    4 timer siden

    Who’s been a Crybaby since 2013? Me! She came so far now she has a film I love her so much.

  53. Stupid Cunt

    Stupid Cunt

    4 timer siden

    1:11:57 who is that? He looks so familiar lmao

  54. Davi Joga

    Davi Joga

    4 timer siden

    2 part???? 😍😍😍😍😍😘

  55. ruboi


    4 timer siden

    i love how she put 'tonight you belong to me' during the dance scene. i love that song sm.

  56. Katie Brown

    Katie Brown

    4 timer siden

    The acting isn't the greatest but it's really good movie

    • YourfavoriteSpoon


      4 timer siden

      I agree

  57. gacha GGirLL 3

    gacha GGirLL 3

    4 timer siden

    PART 2

  58. makenn a

    makenn a

    4 timer siden

    my fav songs are class fight, strawberry shortcake and orange juice

    • YourfavoriteSpoon


      4 timer siden

      Do they speak to your soul?

  59. Sakura Misaki

    Sakura Misaki

    4 timer siden

    1:16:23 Insidious

  60. inittowinit78 winit

    inittowinit78 winit

    4 timer siden

    40:17 strawberry shortcake is my 💩 awesome creativity along with a valid point being made