Liverpool players react to their FIFA 20 ratings | Van Dijk with Salah, Mane, Firmino and more

Watch as Virgil van Dijk dishes out special limited edition copies of FIFA 20, and hits his teammates with their ratings on EA Sports' latest title. Who will react best? Disagree with any of the ratings? Let us know in the comments below.
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  1. Billy Lymberopoulos

    Billy Lymberopoulos

    4 timer siden

    Matip is so underrated

  2. Ahmed Raul Mohamed

    Ahmed Raul Mohamed

    5 timer siden

    good rating for Vigil

  3. War Feather

    War Feather

    6 timer siden

    Van Dijk as a teacher **Gives out paper to those who failed** Van Dijk : Boom! grade is F but not bad

  4. 아이언


    6 timer siden

    Where is R.E song

  5. 조성연


    8 timer siden


  6. Annoymous 1

    Annoymous 1

    8 timer siden

    Van Dijk saying boom everytime makes me laugh 😂

  7. Hậu Hậu

    Hậu Hậu

    11 timer siden

    Where sterling

  8. Dropped Snoopy

    Dropped Snoopy

    11 timer siden

    I speak German👏

  9. Dropped Snoopy

    Dropped Snoopy

    11 timer siden

    Van Dijk is Man of the Match + Best Player . Grüße a Germany

  10. Elgato g

    Elgato g

    12 timer siden

    And alisson?

  11. Cerpel Deiro

    Cerpel Deiro

    14 timer siden

    And the Alisson?

  12. Procotol Memes

    Procotol Memes

    15 timer siden

    Where Alisson Becker?

  13. Rafael Cavalari

    Rafael Cavalari

    17 timer siden

    The end of the earth: Virgil: Not bad

  14. FifaKing Nl

    FifaKing Nl

    18 timer siden

    where is allison ?

  15. ahmet erkan

    ahmet erkan

    19 timer siden

    1:12 djik eyvallah diyor... djik reis 😀😀😀

  16. Talha Gökmen Kars

    Talha Gökmen Kars

    20 timer siden


  17. M xy

    M xy

    20 timer siden

    Why has origi only 78 I think 86 is better

  18. M xy

    M xy

    20 timer siden

    Why has firmino 86 I think 75 is better

  19. ogunwale inioluwa

    ogunwale inioluwa

    22 timer siden

    Lolz gini said at least 90

  20. Tfr Kinsara

    Tfr Kinsara

    22 timer siden


  21. George Bachrach

    George Bachrach

    22 timer siden

    I feel bad when they don’t get good ratings

  22. Dark Devil 666

    Dark Devil 666

    23 timer siden

    I want a meet and greet with Liverpool player and Jürgen klopp

  23. Zeca Pagodinho

    Zeca Pagodinho

    23 timer siden

    Where is the great Alisson

  24. EGÖ AKA


    Dag siden

    Firmino is just 86 rated , Fifa rating system is not fair it sucks.

  25. Feang Lampard

    Feang Lampard

    Dag siden

    They litterally get fifa 20 for free

  26. Bartek Migas

    Bartek Migas

    Dag siden


  27. Victor Silva

    Victor Silva

    Dag siden

    BR AQUI?!

  28. Mohamed Thiam

    Mohamed Thiam

    Dag siden

    Mané physique 74 du n'importe quoi

  29. 3 X

    3 X

    Dag siden

    Dude Virgil is a giant

  30. MARIAN Walls

    MARIAN Walls

    Dag siden

    Hi mo Salah I'm a big fan

  31. Knee Ger

    Knee Ger

    Dag siden

    Robertson is so positive, 'Ahh, we'll take it!'

  32. 법규


    Dag siden


  33. Heba Gad

    Heba Gad

    Dag siden

    I think Origi should be more rated

  34. Ryohei Emura

    Ryohei Emura

    Dag siden


  35. Muhammed Nayir Akçay

    Muhammed Nayir Akçay

    Dag siden

    Mohammed Salah

  36. 竹原大樹


    Dag siden

    マネはウインガーのなかでもかなりDF上手いと思うけど フィルミーノが高いのは納得だな

  37. ธนินเดียรติ จิตรอาษาธนสาร

    ธนินเดียรติ จิตรอาษาธนสาร

    Dag siden

    Where​ are​ alisson​ becker​

  38. Alejandro Perez

    Alejandro Perez

    Dag siden

    little does wijnaldum know he is a beast

  39. 100t


    Dag siden

    오호라~ 이게 누구야 FC 잘츠부르크 황희찬한테 뚫려버린 버질아냐?!!

  40. MT03 YAMAHA


    Dag siden

    Firmino 86? O certo seria no mínimo 88

  41. dilluminatilair


    Dag siden

    Adrian: "just 78, that's it?" made me lol

  42. Bimzgaming •

    Bimzgaming •

    Dag siden

    Best react: robertson

  43. regrettheprophet


    Dag siden

    Sadio does not understand a word of english lmfao

  44. Felippe Gabriel

    Felippe Gabriel

    Dag siden

    And Alisson?

  45. CALL OF DUTY / كول اوف تيودي

    CALL OF DUTY / كول اوف تيودي

    Dag siden

    ادريان في فيفا ٢١ هيكون افضل من كده كتييييييير

  46. Fabrizio Giglio verga

    Fabrizio Giglio verga

    Dag siden


  47. 村松大輔


    Dag siden

    I'm playing FIFA MOBILE and in my last season's ultimate eleven, Trent and Andrew was included. Trent was 97 and Andrew was 95. So, I think this rate is underestimation but I think it's because it's just beginning of this season. I hope their rate will be higher!!

  48. Paula Clapton

    Paula Clapton

    Dag siden

    Boom to literally nothing in the world

  49. marvin 2006

    marvin 2006

    Dag siden

    Who is watching this like ten times because its a cool video

  50. NxxniK CR

    NxxniK CR

    Dag siden

    There is a Bomb Attack in England Nobody: Really Nobody : Virgil: BOOM BBC: Over 100 People died Virgil: Not Bad, could be higher

  51. Ameer Nazar

    Ameer Nazar

    Dag siden

    Wt is the name of the song

  52. Guest one

    Guest one

    Dag siden

    Where's Mr Ribena?



    Dag siden

    Where is alisson ???

  54. Dr.DopeyDude 841

    Dr.DopeyDude 841

    Dag siden


    • Guest one

      Guest one

      Dag siden

      Probably he is injured

  55. Iti Chatterjee

    Iti Chatterjee

    Dag siden

    Train. Refuel. Succeed.

  56. guge gamer

    guge gamer

    Dag siden

    Where is allison

  57. Daniel Argen

    Daniel Argen

    Dag siden

    Adrian 84 🤔

  58. LauchusRexus


    Dag siden

    now do it with the worst players in fifa

  59. FeitanXAli


    Dag siden

    PS4 tho nahhh



    Dag siden