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I Made A Giant 40-Pound Sushi Boat For A Mukbang Artist • Tasty

“There’s like 30 pounds of rice in here!”
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  1. Alvin Zhou

    Alvin Zhou

    15 dager siden

    Thank you Hyunee for being a wonderful guest on the show! I'm still in awe of your eating skills, holy moly.

    • William Liu

      William Liu

      8 timer siden

      Beat the world record on the world's biggest Paella!

    • Hidden Jeff

      Hidden Jeff

      Dag siden

      He looks like ZHC

    • 지적인Pratibha_


      2 dager siden

      Hey Alvin ,can you make a giant indian sweet dessert called " GULAB JAMMUN "

    • Min Yoongi's 3 dollar change

      Min Yoongi's 3 dollar change

      2 dager siden

      @iintxicated I asked the same thing lol

    • Min Yoongi's 3 dollar change

      Min Yoongi's 3 dollar change

      2 dager siden

      Please Make Giant Dumplings I Love Soup Dumplings

  2. Erion Gashi

    Erion Gashi

    37 minutter siden

    That what she said 8:26

  3. Kris Toff

    Kris Toff

    Time siden

    You don't clean your rice in the US? yow my momma is gonna ve mad with you

  4. SilverWolf XXX

    SilverWolf XXX

    Time siden

    ‘Nerve- *wracking* ‘ ... I’m dying xDDDDDDD

  5. bruce wayne

    bruce wayne

    4 timer siden

    Does he not realize putting his face and hair over food is gross

  6. RTX RBX


    5 timer siden

    Why she acting like an expert ._.

  7. Roxie XOX

    Roxie XOX

    6 timer siden

    Lol dis mah dream sushi mah fave lol

  8. Andeigh Moon

    Andeigh Moon

    6 timer siden

    OMG! This is my favorite episode! Hyunee ❤❤❤

  9. Sakura Playz x EidenKun

    Sakura Playz x EidenKun

    7 timer siden

    *Those who disliked must have been bad at cooking.*

  10. Mahima H

    Mahima H

    7 timer siden

    me: hates Philly rolls also me: watches anyways because it's Alvin and giant sushi

  11. Facena Meple

    Facena Meple

    8 timer siden

    To be honest, giant sushi should be a real thing.

  12. Fading sNiPeRz

    Fading sNiPeRz

    8 timer siden

    At 0:48 I thought he said what are you three lol

  13. ProyectoHakaze


    10 timer siden

    It’s 22:30 here and I want sushi so bad now

  14. Mr Crafty

    Mr Crafty

    10 timer siden

    Make a giant steak

  15. MarkAnthony Torrocha

    MarkAnthony Torrocha

    11 timer siden

    What kind of Asian doesn't have a rice cooker? You'd think Tasty would have sprung for that 😂

  16. Firigion Puff

    Firigion Puff

    11 timer siden

    14:30 It's really awkward how the sushi looks kinda normal-sized with that shot to me, cause I expect things closer to the camera to look bigger. But at the same time, the sushi being actually really big, when they but their hands colser to the cammera, it looks like they hace smaller hands. Quite wierd.

  17. ryan li

    ryan li

    11 timer siden

    make a giant egga Roll

  18. Nuri Risse

    Nuri Risse

    11 timer siden

    "My grandpa told me if you don't eat every grain of rice, every grain if rice is one peace of hair you lose also he is bald" mabey he never ate his rice? 😂

  19. Adm. Hechter

    Adm. Hechter

    12 timer siden

    Mukbang "ARTIST" lol is it really an art to eat huge amounts of foods now

  20. Iza Bielle

    Iza Bielle

    13 timer siden

    for some reason the avocado sushi and the salmon sushi reminds me of 2016 markiplier and jacksepticeye. either i watch youtube too much or... yeah, i watch youtube too much, who am i kidding?

  21. Connie Xie

    Connie Xie

    13 timer siden

    That’s not a tiny squeeze of WASABI!

  22. Connie Xie

    Connie Xie

    13 timer siden

    I love how he has a big apple in his hands

  23. Clover Productions!

    Clover Productions!

    14 timer siden

    He should’ve played Papa’s Sushieria.

  24. Willow


    14 timer siden

    Alvin: "I'll name you Theodore cause that's the most devious of the bunch" Me: No Alvin that's Alvin😂😂

  25. KitKatKueen 88

    KitKatKueen 88

    15 timer siden

    🐝 🍯 Hello my little hunny bees 🍯 🐝 :33333

  26. Aricka B

    Aricka B

    16 timer siden


  27. Kawaii Nata

    Kawaii Nata

    16 timer siden

    You should make one giant sushi giant rice and all.

  28. Panda Boy

    Panda Boy

    17 timer siden

    Cryspy rob did you one better years ago He is from Germany just like me 🖤💜

    • Panda Boy

      Panda Boy

      17 timer siden

      I'm sorry Crispy Rob 😅

  29. I like Bleach

    I like Bleach

    17 timer siden

    Nobody : Me : TUCK AND ROLL Turbo reference 🐌

  30. Cassie Rampersad

    Cassie Rampersad

    18 timer siden

    Your truly an amazing person to do all that 😍😁😁

  31. Charlie Houghton

    Charlie Houghton

    21 time siden

    You should make a huge taco

  32. JC Cyrus

    JC Cyrus

    21 time siden

    You should make a sushi boat

  33. Dianne Julia

    Dianne Julia

    21 time siden


  34. Ava Mopsick

    Ava Mopsick

    21 time siden

    The girl reminds me of Kelly Kapoor... if you know you know

  35. Theodore Kasuku

    Theodore Kasuku

    21 time siden

    9:39 That's me 😆😆😆 Thanks for including me in the vid man 🤘❤️😂😂😂

  36. alwaysbeautifulx3


    22 timer siden

    Idk it irked me that he didn’t use gloves lmao

  37. *Jimi Hall*

    *Jimi Hall*

    23 timer siden

    Giant joint for wiz khalifa ..... Jkjkjkjkjkjk

  38. Ayah Zahlan

    Ayah Zahlan

    23 timer siden

    My mouth watering while watching I want 🍣

  39. Panda395


    Dag siden

    Wait, do you guys put cream cheese on your guys sushi, I don’t. That’s kinda weird

  40. Alie Power

    Alie Power

    Dag siden

    Ok. I 💙 watching this. Plus, you're hilarious.

  41. Shamiah Ledington

    Shamiah Ledington

    Dag siden

    3:05 "Steam is hot you guys, be careful" Is it just me or did he sound like Barry from The Bee Movie right there?😃🐝

    • Shamiah Ledington

      Shamiah Ledington

      Dag siden

      and the same for 6:03

  42. Chris


    Dag siden

    Matt Stonie: Welcome to my new 60 second Video

  43. Name Name

    Name Name

    Dag siden

    make a giant pie please i beg u

  44. Shane Larfleeze

    Shane Larfleeze

    Dag siden

    yuka kinoshita

  45. TheEmeraldCandy


    Dag siden

    No one: Alvin: Names a sushi Herbert Generally all food he names it😂

  46. Berserk Berserk

    Berserk Berserk

    Dag siden


  47. ghoust543 ray

    ghoust543 ray

    Dag siden

    Can you make a giant Fri dumpling

  48. Hei Cua

    Hei Cua

    Dag siden

    THIS VID Tasty: you gonna show who's boss 100 EGG OLMET VID Tasty: you gonna show the egg who's boss THEIR NUCLEAR BOMB VID Kurzgesagt: you gonna show nature who's boss OMG 3 IN A ROW UH SAD I U

  49. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer Morningstar

    Dag siden

    Please watch Crispy Rob- die größte Sushirolle der Welt

  50. Dayna Major

    Dayna Major

    Dag siden

    alvin do you know bts

  51. CeeJay AK

    CeeJay AK

    Dag siden

    Hyunee 😍😍 my fav mukbang NOplayerr to watch 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  52. LiNingAir


    Dag siden

    Don't know why but Alvin's extremely cringey to listen to... makes me quiet uncomfortable

  53. Alisha Gray

    Alisha Gray

    Dag siden


  54. seiji san

    seiji san

    Dag siden

    damn queen you fat as shit

  55. XenonKirito


    Dag siden

    Not to be rude but... It kinda looks like 30/40 pounds of mush rice.... Since sushi rice should still have that bite especially after seasoning it with the sushi vinegar while cooling it. And another hint... Sushi Chef in restaurants uses Hangiri a kind of wooden/bamboo container used to cool the rice while fanning it as you pour the vinegar. Might have wanted to get that first instead of using a metal bowl.

  56. Uma Arya

    Uma Arya

    Dag siden

    bring Matt stonie

  57. Ros Sokpiseth

    Ros Sokpiseth

    Dag siden

    imagine if it fall

  58. Terry Carr

    Terry Carr

    Dag siden

    She's really fucking annoying

  59. X3n1X GAMING

    X3n1X GAMING

    Dag siden

    American food show: This is a lot of rice😲 Philippine's Mang Inasal: Pathetic🙄

  60. sally cylus

    sally cylus

    Dag siden

    Alvin: my grandpa use to tell me to eat every grain of rice because if you dont 1 grain of rice is 1 hair you loose, and his bold so i don't know why he said that Me: *dying*