Trying "Funny" DIY PRANKS on My Friend Azzyland

Today I (Gloom) am going to prank my buddy Azzyland and see if these crafts measure up. It was quite the challenge.
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  1. Eirik Dyrbeck

    Eirik Dyrbeck

    Time siden


  2. Gacha Loly caty

    Gacha Loly caty

    3 timer siden

    I can do the nick one :3

  3. Magnus Björk

    Magnus Björk

    4 timer siden

    Ik its prob fake but i still felt bad for azzy about The balooncake Anyone else? ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ V

  4. Shreena Almheiri

    Shreena Almheiri

    5 timer siden

    Prank azzy again

  5. Arta's Vlog

    Arta's Vlog

    7 timer siden

    Poor Azzy

  6. Jennifer Ohakwume

    Jennifer Ohakwume

    7 timer siden

    6:42 get ready



    9 timer siden

    I loved it this video.

  8. Lauma The Gamer

    Lauma The Gamer

    10 timer siden

    Kassie/Gloom you look like my mom... And i was adopted.... So.... Are you mama?

  9. Javina Tiwari

    Javina Tiwari

    10 timer siden

    I Did The Prank The Cake Prank Thingy... To My Sister But It Failed... She Said " I Don't Want Cake " 🍰 1 like = 1 Cake For Azzy And My Sister 👍

  10. Ebrahim Paridel

    Ebrahim Paridel

    11 timer siden

    While I was watching this I dropped my phone on my face so yeah I guess I pranked myself without knowing it ಠಗಠ

  11. Emily’s Adventures

    Emily’s Adventures

    11 timer siden

    Me *MUUUUM Mum* yes? Me *I SMASHED MY IPAD Mum*how!!!!!!! ME* Well I smashed ... THE LIKE BUTTON 😆 MUM* I can’t deal with these jokes any more😒

  12. Emma Y

    Emma Y

    13 timer siden

    I got it wrong on the scarf but I did it after ten tries

  13. Kale Van haren

    Kale Van haren

    15 timer siden

    Ive been watching you for a day now and by far your my favourite youtuber much love ❤️

  14. iLikecats ANDdogs

    iLikecats ANDdogs

    15 timer siden


  15. Æñgėlêê sweet Potato :P

    Æñgėlêê sweet Potato :P

    16 timer siden

    I feel bad for azzyland

  16. Angela Knowles

    Angela Knowles

    17 timer siden

    Great job goom goom👍🏾😀

  17. PoTaTo Chip

    PoTaTo Chip

    17 timer siden

    If you like gloom like the video If you like azzy like the video If your gonna say something mean to me dislike the video

  18. Uni Pugz

    Uni Pugz

    17 timer siden

    Azzy’s like: your a great friend I’m like :she’s going to regret it

  19. Ellen Diesmo

    Ellen Diesmo

    17 timer siden

    Who else thinks this is a set up

  20. its yo boy um Gordo nino

    its yo boy um Gordo nino

    17 timer siden

    Kass: puts the thing Azzy: um😬😶🙁😑😞😮🤐😯😧

  21. Give me back mah COOKIES

    Give me back mah COOKIES

    18 timer siden

    1:36 Azzy: FU-

  22. Elizabeth Casillas

    Elizabeth Casillas

    19 timer siden

    Lol she pranked Azzy on her channel just like azzy said :P

  23. It’s Annie

    It’s Annie

    19 timer siden

    Azzy is Selena, Cassie is Taylor😂

  24. the dark wolf

    the dark wolf

    22 timer siden

    Do it when its late

  25. manaal nasir

    manaal nasir

    Dag siden

    I know this is fake because on the balloon one in the video they were eating cookies and azzy was

  26. Emilie Duedahl Hansen

    Emilie Duedahl Hansen

    Dag siden


  27. Sabnam Lamichaney

    Sabnam Lamichaney

    Dag siden

    Happy ch

  28. Lilly Nyancat

    Lilly Nyancat

    Dag siden

    do u know 123GO? Well don’t try they’re tricks because they are fake

  29. bugamatahari441@gmail.com bugamatahari441@gmail.com

    bugamatahari441@gmail.com bugamatahari441@gmail.com

    Dag siden

    5:44 "Ew its disgusting " Me:eating and seeing a cockroach

  30. Panda pan

    Panda pan

    Dag siden

    Who puts a fork and knife in a cupcakt

  31. Darkness Wolf kid

    Darkness Wolf kid

    Dag siden

    Hey Im 9

  32. Amber DeChastel

    Amber DeChastel

    Dag siden

    And Azzys bad person just kidding she’s a great person says gloom

  33. Samie Loco

    Samie Loco

    Dag siden

    12:37 she sounds like a goat baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  34. Galaxy Kurz

    Galaxy Kurz

    Dag siden

    5:16 😂😂😂

  35. Teresa Solorio

    Teresa Solorio

    Dag siden

    If you like Aazzy better like If you like Gloom better comment 😆

    • Teresa Solorio

      Teresa Solorio

      Dag siden


  36. Xx ShadowWolf xX

    Xx ShadowWolf xX

    Dag siden

    i hope frosting does not have glue in it

  37. Orlando Peshlakai

    Orlando Peshlakai

    Dag siden


  38. Monica Commock

    Monica Commock

    Dag siden

    This is how much azzy got pranked

  39. Monica Commock

    Monica Commock

    Dag siden

    Why are you telling your friend to go to sleep lol

  40. Amyra Kumar

    Amyra Kumar

    Dag siden

    I hate balloons too! 🎈+🔪=me screaming

  41. Nicole Williams

    Nicole Williams

    Dag siden

    They both has big butts

  42. LPS Tacos tv

    LPS Tacos tv

    Dag siden

    I love pranks there's so awesome

  43. Poptart 2010

    Poptart 2010

    Dag siden

    There wearing the same clothes that they were when Azzy pranked Goom. And that looked fake to. Lol. But I still love there videos.

  44. Jennifer House

    Jennifer House

    Dag siden

    Me : watches video Gloom : if I bit this SPONGE cake I would dig my teeth into the sponge Like if you noticed

  45. Gb’s own Channel Gaming

    Gb’s own Channel Gaming

    Dag siden

    The first prank dose work you just didn’t do enough or something different

  46. Deranar Raggie

    Deranar Raggie

    Dag siden

    that not real she fake it

  47. lau wilson

    lau wilson

    Dag siden

    What Azzy always says : DEliCiOuS 👌👌

  48. lalaine orozco

    lalaine orozco

    Dag siden

    Why does gloom Play Roblox with the krew ??

  49. Evilpanda galaxy bear

    Evilpanda galaxy bear

    Dag siden

    Whenever u rub a blackent on your hair it sticks cause its electricity

  50. Onita Korgay

    Onita Korgay

    Dag siden

    Be quiet azzy will hear you🤐🤐🤐🤐🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

  51. linda fisher

    linda fisher

    Dag siden

    I fill bad for the people who are scared of balloons there so fun for birthday parties 🎊🎂🎉

  52. Lyric Avent

    Lyric Avent

    Dag siden

    It’s funny how that gloom pants matches the chair and Azzy land shirt 👚 matches the 🛋

  53. fox girl

    fox girl

    Dag siden

    Rubish program fake loosers

  54. Daily Vlogs

    Daily Vlogs

    Dag siden

    5:04 KASSIE : (runs away) AZZY : ________ AZZY : Where’s the soufflé gone

  55. gurpreetfalishawon kaur

    gurpreetfalishawon kaur

    2 dager siden

    Tilt n.a. mad they

  56. Ashleigh Gillibrand

    Ashleigh Gillibrand

    2 dager siden

    9:23 I saw Simon cowle on the frige

  57. xXSunfloweer xX

    xXSunfloweer xX

    2 dager siden

    I want to bite into the sponge 🧽....

  58. princess asma

    princess asma

    2 dager siden

    You 2 are sister

  59. Åsa Möller

    Åsa Möller

    2 dager siden


  60. Harshada Padwal

    Harshada Padwal

    2 dager siden

    It's of 123go