Dogs Frozen In Time

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Cuttlefish: pB1XDTX6BwXs/
Beach: barryudall_
Flip: pB5rwWZUBRC3/
Box: pB4p4cJiI1KO/
Gorilla: pB5iZQy6gyNw/
Cat Phone: noplayer.info/show/N2pmdGstYzFnQTg.html
Hiding: pB5p0pPNgMU5/
Insect: noplayer.info/show/MXA2bDh6RWZCVHc.html
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  1. JR Disc Golf

    JR Disc Golf

    Måned siden

    Dogs trainer: Exists Squirrel: I’m about to end this mans whole career

    • Slappy


      5 dager siden

      Yeah that's not a stupid, tired, overused meme.

    • Respect X

      Respect X

      8 dager siden

      @Swordsman Moonlight who tf is risky

    • MysticTerror394


      12 dager siden

      rayan ! R/ihavereddit

    • Galih Indra

      Galih Indra

      12 dager siden

      37k likes in 1 month.

    • Kuana Kekoa

      Kuana Kekoa

      17 dager siden

      for all the jojo fans the owner:Za waldo

  2. baby yoda

    baby yoda

    Dag siden

    Man: *trains dogs to stand completely still* Me: *still trying to train my dog to sit*

  3. Toenailcereal


    Dag siden

    za warudo

  4. ツ『B』『E』『E』


    Dag siden

    2:30 me at 4am after waking up in bed looking at my mirror and trying to fight it

  5. Nathan Barraza

    Nathan Barraza

    Dag siden

    2:42 the way it's eyes go big is so cute

  6. katlego Tshehla

    katlego Tshehla

    Dag siden

    2:58 Fantastic bros and where to find them

  7. katlego Tshehla

    katlego Tshehla

    Dag siden

    Dogs doing the taxidermy challenge.

  8. NeonCraze


    Dag siden

    1:39 Just..Why?

  9. Hyper Hektor

    Hyper Hektor

    2 dager siden

    3:13 haha tablets are made for cats xD

  10. Code Doc

    Code Doc

    2 dager siden

    2:20 Oh it's on of those box box box box boxes.

  11. BattleForReal


    2 dager siden

    Cannibals in The Forest be like: 1:45

  12. Danzkie300


    2 dager siden

    2:18 Diabetes Box

  13. That One Slytherin

    That One Slytherin

    2 dager siden

    0:11me and my brother sneaking in the kitchen at 3am, and hear footsteps

  14. Mr. Moesby

    Mr. Moesby

    2 dager siden

    2:58 I'm starting to get why Pucci wanted to reset the universe.

  15. The Cube Snowflake

    The Cube Snowflake

    2 dager siden


  16. G. Van Dunk

    G. Van Dunk

    2 dager siden

    1:40 YAHLOOKATIM!!!

  17. furries are superior to weebs

    furries are superior to weebs

    2 dager siden

    2:18 I want that box

  18. Joel Miller

    Joel Miller

    2 dager siden

    How do you train a dog to freeze??! Lol, What the hell?

  19. ChrisGeez


    2 dager siden

    That dog on the leash knows it’s going to vet.

  20. AlecRafaGames


    2 dager siden

    Do you guys think the box at 2:18 is home made, or ordered somewhere? If so does anyone know where I can buy one? I wanna get one for my girlfriend:)

  21. MusZico13


    2 dager siden

    The dog learn from Drax

  22. FakeyBoi


    3 dager siden

    Imagine if the owner if the dog gets confused if the dog gets paralized or hes jyst dojng a trick...

  23. PaccoLazyGuy Productions - Broccoli

    PaccoLazyGuy Productions - Broccoli

    3 dager siden

    2:30 Teenagers when they see acne

  24. Israel Navarro

    Israel Navarro

    3 dager siden

    Dogs collecting sage chakra ....

  25. Wii U

    Wii U

    3 dager siden

    Dogs or wolves

  26. Hampus Öhman

    Hampus Öhman

    3 dager siden

    Mannequin challenge: Exists Dogs: I’m about to end this whole man’s career.

  27. Temka Bat

    Temka Bat

    3 dager siden

    they look likea bear lol

  28. Grace Camille

    Grace Camille

    3 dager siden


  29. Lin Lin

    Lin Lin

    3 dager siden

    Dude, y r u geh?

  30. Teresa Barras

    Teresa Barras

    3 dager siden

    What breed are those awesomeness dogs?

  31. Рандомный Чел

    Рандомный Чел

    3 dager siden

    Friend:What your dog can do? Me: well, I have 1 comand...ZA WARUDO TAKI WA TOMARE

  32. ZoieOfDaKitties


    3 dager siden

    Honestly, that wild horse is beautiful

  33. AHMAD M


    3 dager siden

    me: thinks ZA WARUDO

  34. Bruno Bucciarati

    Bruno Bucciarati

    3 dager siden

    Thats a guy who has Za Warudo actually.

  35. Galaxy_Angel


    3 dager siden

    This is what you would bring to a girl on her period xd 2:18

  36. Manusia Biasaa

    Manusia Biasaa

    3 dager siden

    2:18 that’s a diabetes box

  37. Tengam Sky

    Tengam Sky

    3 dager siden

    Wooo where is the place of the wild horses?

  38. Mathias Sumbrui

    Mathias Sumbrui

    4 dager siden

    Those aren't real dogs. They are computer generated. Right?

  39. Bijoy Chandra Roy

    Bijoy Chandra Roy

    4 dager siden

    *Plot twist: they are actually stuck in time and the owner has time controlling ability*

    • closeted commie

      closeted commie

      Dag siden

      Bijoy Chandra Roy their owner is DIO

  40. cool ass corncob

    cool ass corncob

    4 dager siden

    1:36 alright asshole?

  41. cool ass corncob

    cool ass corncob

    4 dager siden

    1:55 stupid

  42. cool ass corncob

    cool ass corncob

    4 dager siden

    0:04 neat

  43. Tommy Richard

    Tommy Richard

    4 dager siden

    Wow, what a genius. All you have to do is use othe peoples content to be successful. Do you do anything original or just steal everyone's hard work?

  44. Crafty


    4 dager siden

    Za Wardo Tomare Tokia!

  45. Kunal Mazumdar

    Kunal Mazumdar

    4 dager siden

    This is me when my maths teacher came and I forget that I have not done my homework. And hope he will not notice me. 😜

  46. billie's avocado

    billie's avocado

    4 dager siden

    The cat with the mirror is SO me.

  47. H W

    H W

    4 dager siden

    2:18 The Essential box to Diabetes.

  48. Nature Queen

    Nature Queen

    4 dager siden


  49. MR.Twentysix


    4 dager siden

    this is a guuy. who is stealing videos . and makeing a video of compiled stolen videos with out giveing royalty to the origal owner. and not buy the rights to the vidoe. and not buying the licence for the video. this youtuber is a thif.

  50. Expired Avocados

    Expired Avocados

    4 dager siden

    The dog thing is awesome! All my dog knows is sit, lay down, get up, shake paws (we got him a few months ago)

  51. Hey Bokoblin

    Hey Bokoblin

    5 dager siden

    The YIP from the dog trainer scared my ass so badly



    5 dager siden

    They’re doing the mannequin challenge

  53. Fox In A Bagel

    Fox In A Bagel

    5 dager siden

    “this cat hates its own reflection” Me: yeah, me too buddy.

  54. Dbjseven 7

    Dbjseven 7

    5 dager siden

    If you pause at 1:04-dog frozen in time

  55. George Henderson

    George Henderson

    5 dager siden

    I like how the rescuers untangled the horse's leg from its hair. I hate to think what would have happened if they hadn't come along....

  56. Benjamin Robledo

    Benjamin Robledo

    5 dager siden

    He blinked!

  57. The Bongo Person

    The Bongo Person

    5 dager siden

    3:00 is that a praying mants? I WANT IT

  58. sweiland75


    5 dager siden

    2:29 The one cat that fails the mirror test.

  59. MIdwestMomma


    5 dager siden

    Seriously? I thought those dogs were fake! When he yipped and they took off running i jumped so hard and screamed! 😂😂😂😂💀



    5 dager siden

    Here's a backs that's more than just a backs