Joe Rogan Experience #1347 - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator.


  1. Johnny Ray Smith

    Johnny Ray Smith

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  2. Johnny Ray Smith

    Johnny Ray Smith

    6 timer siden

    It was radar....

  3. Matt M

    Matt M

    6 timer siden

    I don't remember Neil Degrasse Tyson being like this. I think he dealt with some difficult shit this year and it affected him. Which sucks. I think the dude needs to decompress. I remember him as an enthusiastically nerdy but laid back guy.

  4. Literary Theory

    Literary Theory

    6 timer siden

    16:50 is where the interview went off the rails. From this point on the head-games begin. Tyson knows that Rogan will be the Alpha if they talk about manly shit but the Beta if he patronizes Joe's educational level, etc. A form of bullying perhaps? Maybe that's too harsh. But not nice, it seems. Not that Joe can't take it. In fact, it's all probably grounded, at least partially, in envy by Tyson toward King Joe.

  5. Adrian Gutierrez

    Adrian Gutierrez

    6 timer siden

    theres no such thing as awkward silences with Neil

  6. Literary Theory

    Literary Theory

    6 timer siden

    Why do scientists often have a chip on their shoulder about not being thought uncreative while artists almost never have one about the extent of their scientific literacy? Could it be that while the latter will inevitably be looked at by future millennia as at least partially incorrect, art is never right or wrong but either resonates or it doesn't?

  7. xmichael911


    7 timer siden

    It about the randomness! Best Joe interview ever, thank you for letting Neil just talk! Beautiful!

  8. Jimmy Jose

    Jimmy Jose

    7 timer siden

    Get Michio Kaku on the damn show Joe , just dont be all frat boy persona with the cursing with him is all, Joe had a earlier Sirius interview with Kaku on mushrooms and I think Kaku didnt like Joe's behavior . This is exactly the type of show Kaku would come to get some publicity but I think he isnt a fan of Rogan

  9. S J

    S J

    7 timer siden

    Man, I normally love these episodes with Tyson but there wasn't much of a conversation going on here. I couldn't finish the episode. Explanation after explanation and explanation. Couldn't even remember what the topic of conversation was as he trailed off so much explaining and giving facts about every second word almost. Too much caffeine? Nervous for some reason and over compensating?

  10. Karlo Montano

    Karlo Montano

    7 timer siden

    So maybe the strategy is logic out a bunch of random facts for optimized dispersal when this podcast is cut up into clips; or this is the rando fact show about nothing.

  11. Buckshott00 __

    Buckshott00 __

    8 timer siden

    Neil seems kinda angry. Also, there were electric cars long before there was interstate car system. Also there were roads before the vast public paid income tax to fund the roads. The answer is now as it was then, energy density. When this country still had primarily dirt roads and a lot less people, people needed more energy dense fuel storage hence gas tanks. Btw, people with electric cars pay taxes on the roads

  12. Martin Tobin

    Martin Tobin

    8 timer siden

    I think Joe was too stoned to carry on a conversation lol

  13. Martin Tobin

    Martin Tobin

    8 timer siden

    Joe seems annoyed, and verrrrrrrry stoned.

  14. 6Dirt6


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  15. Sophie Person

    Sophie Person

    8 timer siden

    The precision of Mr.Neil deGrasse Tyson's mind is stunning...

  16. Coolie Breezed

    Coolie Breezed

    8 timer siden

    I don’t understand why Neil is popular, his religion is science.

  17. Ally Aran

    Ally Aran

    8 timer siden

    It's weirdly comforting to look at the comment section and see that almost everyone else is thinking the same thing I am.

  18. Wild n the young

    Wild n the young

    8 timer siden

    Joes trying to school him on fishes lol

  19. Μιχ Λαζ

    Μιχ Λαζ

    9 timer siden

    If icebergs melt and many many countries don’t have water to drink than why rich counties send them plastic bottles of water which costs billions and not build them equipment to turn sea water into drinking water which would cost some millions???I know why taxes and mass controll not only of economy but controll over the mind and logic.

  20. MightyMoose


    9 timer siden

    That was a hard watch... Neebs gaming brought me here

  21. Giovanni Montaruli

    Giovanni Montaruli

    9 timer siden

    I mean, in interviews you kinda wanna hear the guest speaking

  22. Para Norman

    Para Norman

    9 timer siden

    i can't help but to feel, there is some animosity between them? they never had this, seems like Neil is more angry these days and Joe and Neil has an ego rivalry? Remember this is Joe's Show and Neil keep cutting him off. LOL

  23. w.o.c.goblin


    9 timer siden

    Can someone tell me why a electric car cant charge itself while driving? If a wind turbines spins and makes power then why cant a car recharge while the wheels move?

  24. Carlos Tovar

    Carlos Tovar

    9 timer siden

    Joe get Neil high man then let gravity take over

  25. NNNNN


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    2 minutes in and Neil DeGrasse Tyson is telling Jamie to pull things up.

  26. ibkristykat


    10 timer siden

    Neil seems irritated for like no reason for half of this interview... did he get into it with the woman at home or what!?

  27. Piotr Dzwiniel

    Piotr Dzwiniel

    10 timer siden

    C'mon, Neil... :(

  28. John Nickel

    John Nickel

    10 timer siden

    I feel like Tyson is too comfortable here and just rules the whole conversation and always fending off everyone and everything and it’s off putting

  29. Brandon Maloney

    Brandon Maloney

    10 timer siden

    anyone got the time stamp when Tyson mentions that author of the book on everything is better today than ever?

  30. Dave Mathews

    Dave Mathews

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  31. Timothy Chang

    Timothy Chang

    11 timer siden

    Wait wait wait. Guys, is NDT right when he says at 18:00-18:23 that the pressure of the pipe containing the water as ambient temperature drops is keeping the water temperature from dropping? I thought that the temp of the water in the pipe continues to drop, but because the pipe pressure is preventing lattice formation of the water molecules, you get super-cooled water until the pipe bursts and it freezes all at once. The temp doesn't stay at 32C right?

  32. IAmThinkTank_ Music

    IAmThinkTank_ Music

    11 timer siden

    God even his voice makes me grind my fucking teeth

  33. Lorenzo Chavez

    Lorenzo Chavez

    11 timer siden

    Best birthday present ever yo joe you uploaded on the perfect day 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯👽👹😇

  34. Tanner Siebel

    Tanner Siebel

    11 timer siden

    Neil talks too damn much.

  35. Sgt. Frank

    Sgt. Frank

    11 timer siden

    I’m genuinely surprised Joe didn’t leap across the table and put this blowhard in a chokehold. You could tell he wanted to do the same thing when Mel Gibson was clicking pen but he was clearly to afraid of Gibson.

  36. XY ZW

    XY ZW

    11 timer siden

    For those of you asking why this episode was annoying, it’s because Joe Rogan kept talking right before Neil

  37. ian timm

    ian timm

    11 timer siden

    Neil loves to hear himself talk

  38. Jim Jam

    Jim Jam

    12 timer siden

    NDT: states a simple fact that you learn in high school science class Everybody: wOAH WHAT? that's fuckin CRAZY DUDE

  39. Inge Haughom Madsen

    Inge Haughom Madsen

    12 timer siden

    #1159 - the last time Neil deGrasse Tyson guested the podcast - Joe wore the same t-shirt. Now, let's start a conspiracy theory...?

  40. Colin Davidson

    Colin Davidson

    12 timer siden

    Man I really hate this guy after watching this🤣

  41. juan sinister

    juan sinister

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  42. fatb0tLP


    13 timer siden

    As smart as Neil deGrasse Tyson is, he doesn't know shit about desalination.

  43. Jose Sandoval

    Jose Sandoval

    13 timer siden

    Joe Rogan should just shut the fuck up. If he don’t want Neil degrasse Tyson then don’t bring him anymore wtf

  44. BUM 1979

    BUM 1979

    13 timer siden

    Pleasantly suprised regarding NDT's view on privacy

  45. enacada


    14 timer siden

    upon further inspection, joe is just trying to catch up in a really fast conversation that is occurring at a very high level

  46. Leigh Martian

    Leigh Martian

    14 timer siden

    Everyone commenting the same thing about Neil talking over Joe is the written comment equivalent of not letting me read other people's comments that aren't redundant.

  47. Patrick


    14 timer siden

    I stopped watching because I got tired of NDT being a total douchebag. So self-important he can't bear to hear anyone else speaking. Joe, your patience is astounding. I would have lost it and told him if he can't stop interrupting the interview was going to be over. Much respect lost for NDT.

  48. Michael McGuinn

    Michael McGuinn

    14 timer siden

    Is anyone else thinking NDT forgot to take his “special” meds before this episode???

  49. Lars Rye Jeppesen

    Lars Rye Jeppesen

    14 timer siden

    Who would talk the most in a conversation between Neil deGrasse Tyson and John Carmack?

  50. Michael Yalcin

    Michael Yalcin

    14 timer siden

    1:51:35 Joe is straight-up staring daggers at NDT for dealing with 2 hours of interruptions while NDT is still absolutely oblivious to the fact.

  51. An Quan

    An Quan

    14 timer siden

    No no : Absolutely no one at all: NDT: GRAVITY

  52. Lake Cooper

    Lake Cooper

    14 timer siden

    DANNNNG... He interrupted Joe EVERY time Joe tried to speak.

  53. RebiLak


    14 timer siden

    Fuck he is annoying and LOUD

  54. Choupetto


    15 timer siden

    Neil deGrasse Tyson accidentally killed a dog *John Wick shows up and wait until NDT stops talking* Rumor says DNT is still alive

  55. Duane Garrido

    Duane Garrido

    15 timer siden

    NGT is terribly annoying.

  56. Count Spatula

    Count Spatula

    15 timer siden

    I did not realize he was black.

  57. Succubus VEVO

    Succubus VEVO

    15 timer siden

    I don’t know why Neil interrupted joe so much in this podcast, he was fine in the others.

  58. Carlos Tovar

    Carlos Tovar

    15 timer siden

    Love Joe for bringing this up and Neil adressing this #WeAreMaunaKea 🤙40:00

  59. Ed's HeadSpace

    Ed's HeadSpace

    15 timer siden

    1:23:30 Degrasse is Jealous of Nicholas Tesla i see.

  60. enacada


    16 timer siden

    I never thought I would say this but man NGT is a dick.