Quality Control, Lil Baby, & DaBaby - "Baby" (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Lil Baby & DaBaby - "Baby"
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Music video by Quality Control, Lil Baby, DaBaby performing Baby. © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. Amador Martinez

    Amador Martinez

    9 timer siden

    Anybody els notive its the same scene as scare face

    • Amador Martinez

      Amador Martinez

      9 timer siden


  2. The Hot Pocket

    The Hot Pocket

    9 timer siden

    I like that Scarface doe

  3. Ron Sergie

    Ron Sergie

    9 timer siden

    1:1 scarface scene

  4. Liyah lay

    Liyah lay

    9 timer siden

    Baby's part was okay but I liked baby's part better 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣 just my opinion

  5. Latisha White

    Latisha White

    9 timer siden

    Aye they lit

  6. T.Y.B. SNCHO

    T.Y.B. SNCHO

    9 timer siden


  7. D4rkAssass1n_


    9 timer siden

    Too many babies

  8. Luis Torres

    Luis Torres

    9 timer siden


  9. Kameron Parker

    Kameron Parker

    9 timer siden

    Video snapped

  10. Jack Wanker

    Jack Wanker

    9 timer siden

    Worthless lyrics , this is song is legit trash its only okay because of the artist if the song was by unpopular artist people would call this trash. Dont be mad at the truth 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. Jevona Turner

    Jevona Turner

    9 timer siden

    This whole video reminded me of Scarface

  12. Curtis Nenbhard

    Curtis Nenbhard

    9 timer siden

    This shit is from fucking scarface

  13. Jared Magdaniel

    Jared Magdaniel

    9 timer siden

    Brooo lil baby his airforce💥💥☇☇

  14. Antoine Williams

    Antoine Williams

    9 timer siden

    Lil baby destroyed this ish.... but I still F with da baby though.

  15. Christian- Mone’t

    Christian- Mone’t

    9 timer siden

    How loose that damn chain was, Da baby could’ve gotten himself out

  16. ChefNoodle aka SGK

    ChefNoodle aka SGK

    9 timer siden

    Hit that like button if you know what movie they were refrencing

  17. ProdSóGood


    9 timer siden

    3 x Baby

  18. Telflon Don

    Telflon Don

    9 timer siden

    Lol was that Scarface 2?

  19. Sharleen Sherafatian

    Sharleen Sherafatian

    9 timer siden

    Scarface vibes 😍

  20. Jomo_


    9 timer siden

    What did lil baby say?

  21. jay theestallionッ

    jay theestallionッ

    9 timer siden

    this a whole movie.

  22. SWEETSs International

    SWEETSs International

    9 timer siden

    I fuck with the Scar face inspired video

  23. Killstreak


    9 timer siden

    Yeah aight



    9 timer siden

    Trash 🗑 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑😌

  25. Will ALLEN

    Will ALLEN

    9 timer siden

    Pacifiers needed ,sorry for the new generation!

  26. Shawn Horne

    Shawn Horne

    9 timer siden

    These niggaz is actors now lmfao

  27. Yung Bodie

    Yung Bodie

    9 timer siden

    QC been running shit since migos drop YRN 🇱🇷🇺🇸

  28. XxQueenXD


    9 timer siden

    All I heard was baby ahgsjahah baby hahahah baby baby kgjwa baby baby baby Jooahab baby

  29. Kiki Bernard

    Kiki Bernard

    9 timer siden


  30. TkdErnesYT


    9 timer siden


  31. Pablo King

    Pablo King

    10 timer siden

    Scarface 🤩🤩

  32. Wealthy Way

    Wealthy Way

    10 timer siden

    Googoo gaga 👶🏾🍼🍼👶🏾

  33. the watcher

    the watcher

    10 timer siden

    no words for that shit bro



    10 timer siden

    Mayweather bih ass his da baby big brother no lie if yall didnt know that

  35. Lovely Quishhh

    Lovely Quishhh

    10 timer siden

    this was 🔥

  36. FaZe DoDo

    FaZe DoDo

    10 timer siden

    its like the movie scareface

  37. Carlos Gonzales

    Carlos Gonzales

    10 timer siden

    lmaoo scarface or wha

  38. Kriz Yamz

    Kriz Yamz

    10 timer siden


  39. FaZe DoDo

    FaZe DoDo

    10 timer siden


  40. Wayne The Hustla

    Wayne The Hustla

    10 timer siden

    Dope video 💯💪🏾🏆

  41. Jahlyn Edwards

    Jahlyn Edwards

    10 timer siden

    If y all know y all history it's the scarface set up

  42. 808 MIXEDUP

    808 MIXEDUP

    10 timer siden

    that scarface reference 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Daniel Jordan

    Daniel Jordan

    10 timer siden

    Now i need a song called "Rugrats"

  44. Слава КПСС

    Слава КПСС

    10 timer siden

    GTA 6?

  45. yosmany cardenas

    yosmany cardenas

    10 timer siden

    scarface fireeee!!

  46. Dyllan Ellis

    Dyllan Ellis

    10 timer siden

    Da Baby watch a lot of TV and Movies.

  47. Pedro Flores

    Pedro Flores

    10 timer siden

    You don’t wanna Wear what lil baby’s wearing I don’t wanna know how you dress

  48. Jack Reid

    Jack Reid

    10 timer siden

    There was an ad form lil tjays new song fn and I was just listening to it before this song

  49. 44 magicpanda

    44 magicpanda

    10 timer siden

    Another Scarface video seems like a trend

  50. 44 magicpanda

    44 magicpanda

    10 timer siden

    Lipsync hard auto tune is shit

  51. Rara


    10 timer siden

    Baby + Baby= greatness

  52. Michael Tutterow

    Michael Tutterow

    10 timer siden

    6.7 million views in 4 days. You mfers go hard. All these haters cant even play.

  53. Mitchy Tv

    Mitchy Tv

    10 timer siden

    Good ass duo💰

  54. Stormblaze YT

    Stormblaze YT

    10 timer siden

    That end thooo

  55. hrdrock1983


    10 timer siden

    Lil baby is better than da baby

  56. coogko moim

    coogko moim

    11 timer siden


  57. Rommie howard

    Rommie howard

    11 timer siden

    Scarface my nigga

  58. LIL T4V

    LIL T4V

    11 timer siden


  59. Illuminati


    11 timer siden

    Oh lol it’s like that scene from Scarface

    • coogko moim

      coogko moim

      11 timer siden

      scarface shit👀

  60. Denzel Webb

    Denzel Webb

    11 timer siden

    please go to hassanworld and subscribe support needed long story short we up next💯

  61. EMAN X

    EMAN X

    11 timer siden

    Mumble rappers

  62. King Nick

    King Nick

    11 timer siden

    Another song about absolutely nothing at all

  63. Aymen XO

    Aymen XO

    11 timer siden


  64. Jack Chetti

    Jack Chetti

    11 timer siden


  65. Kevin Saavedra

    Kevin Saavedra

    11 timer siden

    Movie Scarface🔥🔥

  66. Justin King

    Justin King

    11 timer siden

    This the scene from scar face 😂

  67. Joseph Porter

    Joseph Porter

    11 timer siden

    These new niggas is straight trash

  68. Quintavius Mealing

    Quintavius Mealing

    11 timer siden

    R.I.P to BankRoll Fresh Exit9

  69. Nobita


    11 timer siden

    babies takin over

  70. KingShaun2019


    11 timer siden

    Let’s change the title: Call of Duty: Hood Ops (Offficial Trailer)

  71. Dante The car guy

    Dante The car guy

    11 timer siden

    Straight out of the scarface movie scene

  72. JetLife Dre

    JetLife Dre

    11 timer siden

    Weezy F Baby need to get on this too joe

  73. 6nitch 9ine

    6nitch 9ine

    11 timer siden

    Y’all should start a group called daycare

  74. blackmo official

    blackmo official

    11 timer siden

    What in “heavens” did lil baby say??!!!!!

  75. chris navarro

    chris navarro

    11 timer siden

    scarface shit👀

  76. FredoHeadHunchoDtx


    11 timer siden


  77. Bryan delgado

    Bryan delgado

    11 timer siden


  78. Amber Wilcher

    Amber Wilcher

    11 timer siden

    they don made a whole movie 😭

  79. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown

    11 timer siden

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  80. Jaye Supremely

    Jaye Supremely

    11 timer siden

    Baby came in with the pump 🤣🤣

    • MightyBacca PvP

      MightyBacca PvP

      11 timer siden

      Imagine a baby holding a shotgun