Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New One

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  1. MrBeast


    7 dager siden

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    • Fortune _Hero28

      Fortune _Hero28

      5 dager siden

      MrBeast what if we don’t

    • Lavos


      6 dager siden


    • Spartanmammal 84

      Spartanmammal 84

      7 dager siden

      But how I'm already subbed

    • Uno Reverse card

      Uno Reverse card

      7 dager siden

      MrBeast can u plz do a vid with ty again

  2. Undying Cosplay

    Undying Cosplay

    5 timer siden

    I wish someone would smash my car and replace it. 1997 Saturn sl1 look it up it’s awful.

  3. Clix


    5 timer siden


  4. PG - 06MM - Cheyne MS (1494)

    PG - 06MM - Cheyne MS (1494)

    5 timer siden

    What if I don’t have a car

  5. eirisyaaa aa

    eirisyaaa aa

    5 timer siden

    This is how many people smiled because of Mr Beast I I V

  6. L7 Cyrus

    L7 Cyrus

    5 timer siden

    6 69 694 6942 69420 6942 694 69 6

  7. Valeria Martinez

    Valeria Martinez

    6 timer siden

    Jokes on you I don’t own a car😝

  8. Jake Jake

    Jake Jake

    6 timer siden

    what kid of glasses is chris weaering

  9. Cameron Reathaford

    Cameron Reathaford

    6 timer siden

    You the best

  10. lachazaroony


    6 timer siden

    Curious... If they didnt know you were buying them new cars, why do you have the keys to both their vehicles??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm????

  11. Mr.Coward1919


    6 timer siden

    You can smash my car just as long as you buy me another lambo

  12. Ma 6

    Ma 6

    6 timer siden

    Ur da best

  13. Nokomis Bailey

    Nokomis Bailey

    6 timer siden

    valley hills mall??????????????????????????????

  14. Zoruark Fox

    Zoruark Fox

    6 timer siden

    Marcus’s truck sucks because it’s a ford

  15. Blaizer


    6 timer siden

    Did I see chandler at Zumiez

  16. cloudy blue

    cloudy blue

    6 timer siden

    The beep for Weddle's car is when your gonna turn I think, because I know someone with that type of car.

  17. Bianca Demarchi

    Bianca Demarchi

    6 timer siden

    New Vid Idea: Hitting people with cars and paying their medical bills

  18. Jesus is terrible 69

    Jesus is terrible 69

    6 timer siden

    How do they smash all these cars and prank all these people and they still have no idea and don’t know it’s a prank at first. I would be looking for the camera as soon as I saw my car destroyed if I were them.

  19. Kelly Moore

    Kelly Moore

    6 timer siden

    Marcus is a lacrosse mom. Lol🤣🤣

  20. Lilyanne Peschke

    Lilyanne Peschke

    6 timer siden

    Ha got you mr beast I don’t have a car

  21. Mavie Taculog

    Mavie Taculog

    6 timer siden

    Lucky people, i wish im one of them. 😉😊👍👌

  22. canam4me


    6 timer siden

    You can't smash my car in 10 I don't have one



    6 timer siden

    Should have put pickles in Chandler's car

  24. Prince Deshine

    Prince Deshine

    6 timer siden

    Dude how do I become one your friends lol you are the greastest friend to ever have 😭

  25. lantern


    6 timer siden

    Wish I had a car to be smashed 😭😂

  26. Dr_faisal


    6 timer siden

    I wish you can smash my 2004 Corolla

  27. Brayan A

    Brayan A

    6 timer siden

    Destroy my car and buy me a new one I really need a new car 😭

  28. Kierbs Yaba

    Kierbs Yaba

    6 timer siden

    please mr beast

  29. Kierbs Yaba

    Kierbs Yaba

    6 timer siden

    can i have a money

  30. DarcyIsLame


    6 timer siden

    Nobody: Chris: 0:23

  31. im a vlogger

    im a vlogger

    6 timer siden

    If I ever had 10,000 I would go to hot topic

  32. Fluffy Toucan

    Fluffy Toucan

    6 timer siden

    Chris likes balls. Jk

  33. Xxwolf girleditsxX

    Xxwolf girleditsxX

    6 timer siden

    I used to always love going to Home Depot with my dad when I was a kid cause I would go to the bubble wrap area and throw the rolls up in the air cause they where so light ;-;

  34. Xxwolf girleditsxX

    Xxwolf girleditsxX

    6 timer siden

    I used to always love going to Home Depot with my dad when I was a kid cause I would go to the bubble wrap area and throw the rolls up in the air cause they where so light ;-;

  35. Jarold Scoob

    Jarold Scoob

    6 timer siden

    Wait how is that surprising them cause they said they were gonna buy a new one but u didn’t bring out and surprise them with a new car

  36. Devon Lopez

    Devon Lopez

    7 timer siden

    Please let me help you destroy some one else's car



    7 timer siden

    hi My friend how are you

  38. Chauncey Morton

    Chauncey Morton

    7 timer siden

    (I know I’m late but...) Plot twist: there was a dog in Marcus’ truck.

  39. Karlo Vlasic

    Karlo Vlasic

    7 timer siden

    You can smash all 3 cars in front of my house cause neither of them is mine 😂

  40. Benjamin Deml

    Benjamin Deml

    7 timer siden

    Smash my car with a meteor!

  41. fRiCK MAx aM A RebEL

    fRiCK MAx aM A RebEL

    7 timer siden

    well guess what I don't have a CAR

  42. Zheng Yong Kuai

    Zheng Yong Kuai

    7 timer siden

    Mr beast I don’t have a car

  43. Life with Gorgeous

    Life with Gorgeous

    7 timer siden

    Can u destroy my moms Car!!😂❤️❤️

  44. Allison Jackson

    Allison Jackson

    7 timer siden

    Can you come smash my house?? 😂

  45. Abigail Romero

    Abigail Romero

    7 timer siden

    i dont have a car

  46. Oui MSP

    Oui MSP

    7 timer siden

    Hello I hope you have a good morning or night and no-one will see this but okay😁

  47. easyadrian .Adrian T

    easyadrian .Adrian T

    7 timer siden

    Subscribe or you won't have bad luck fo 365.253 days...

  48. Thinh Truong

    Thinh Truong

    8 timer siden

    Mrbeast:vroom vroom I’m in my friends car? Me:nani

  49. Seann Jazy Barcenas

    Seann Jazy Barcenas

    8 timer siden

    Next were gonna fill Chris car's with balls because he likes balls ~Mr.Beast 2019



    8 timer siden

    clone a animal (there is a place where you can clone a dog

  51. Hannigan Jordan

    Hannigan Jordan

    8 timer siden

    Mrs beast can you send me $10,000 dollars to spend in an hour? 😂

  52. Renee Wang The Potato

    Renee Wang The Potato

    8 timer siden

    weddles pureness is such kawaiiiiii

  53. I_do_fun_stuff


    8 timer siden

    One of them should have said it’s hammer time

  54. bobby man

    bobby man

    8 timer siden

    10:35 Mama Beast

  55. Double XBgamer

    Double XBgamer

    8 timer siden

    What will happen if Mr Beast runs out of money

  56. Johnny Damn T&G

    Johnny Damn T&G

    8 timer siden

    Does any one know what car Marcus bought. That thing looks sexy asf

  57. Yuri Vergara

    Yuri Vergara

    8 timer siden

    If StrawHat luffy is king of pirate StrawHat Beast is King of Money

  58. Melly KIi

    Melly KIi

    8 timer siden

    Can you pay me $10 to proofread the text you put on your videos.. I’m an English teacher.. $10 goes far

  59. Xx Xx

    Xx Xx

    8 timer siden

    I died at 7:45💀💀💀💀💀

  60. MsR. Gem3r

    MsR. Gem3r

    8 timer siden

    My car it’s ready 🙂💔

  61. Liam Macmillan

    Liam Macmillan

    8 timer siden

    Getting your car destroyed is the initiation phase of joining the Mr. Beast gang

  62. Lpscandycane 101

    Lpscandycane 101

    8 timer siden

    Marcus is actually adorable and I’m in love

  63. MilkyStrike


    8 timer siden


  64. soldier heart

    soldier heart

    8 timer siden

    Yes queen yush queen, Died lmfao

  65. Taylor Root

    Taylor Root

    8 timer siden

    Actually please smash my car with a meteor

  66. SirenWillowTree


    8 timer siden

    Jimmy: I'll need to take out a loan... *BOI YOUR CREDIT MUST BE REALLY BAD, OR YOUR MERCH SHOP IS WHERE IT'S AT!*

  67. Erick Kaneko

    Erick Kaneko

    8 timer siden

    I wanna be your friend but i am a microwave

  68. GamingWithPearl 2nd YT

    GamingWithPearl 2nd YT

    8 timer siden


  69. neep ning

    neep ning

    9 timer siden

    I don't have a car so ha

  70. Luke Shanley

    Luke Shanley

    9 timer siden

    How did you get their keys?

  71. Yeeting Guy

    Yeeting Guy

    9 timer siden

    That’s messed up and awesome at the same Time

  72. Cole Sweinhagen

    Cole Sweinhagen

    9 timer siden

    Do you guys recycle the cars?



    9 timer siden

    7:23 ah' gaaaay! Lol

  74. shotman bestguy

    shotman bestguy

    9 timer siden


  75. Miss Frog

    Miss Frog

    9 timer siden

    marcuses face when he was told he can buy what ever car he wants 10:29 😂

  76. Jack Henry

    Jack Henry

    9 timer siden

    You guys see how **ALL** the cars were parked 😎

  77. Hector


    9 timer siden

    Sdfx show

  78. Dylan McGowan

    Dylan McGowan

    9 timer siden

    Why didn't you drop the rocks at a height?

  79. Valley Ten

    Valley Ten

    9 timer siden


  80. Kheanna Klye

    Kheanna Klye

    9 timer siden

    *Mr Beast is the dream sugar daddy*