Weeb Blacksmith

This is the greatest weeb of All Time


  1. Zero .Karma

    Zero .Karma

    2 timer siden

    Nobody believes you when you say you forgot the name of Boku no Pico.

  2. Linosek279


    16 timer siden

    You missed one stage in the weeb life-cycle: Light Novels

  3. Diggity Damn

    Diggity Damn

    22 timer siden

    Why does this video seem so long in a good way

  4. Wither


    Dag siden

    if the tang is too thin the blade can snap off the damn hilt....not a fun situation to be in wen fighting....uhh.....wooden blocks?

  5. Ian Winter

    Ian Winter

    2 dager siden

    Charlie's lack of knowledge about blades hurt my soul.

  6. J W

    J W

    2 dager siden

    "Imagine being afraid of a tang...fucking incel."

  7. Sir games Alot

    Sir games Alot

    3 dager siden

    Can I skip the fan fic part to become a mega weeb?

  8. meme man

    meme man

    4 dager siden

    people are always talking about how easy it is to get drugs and shit and how its easier to get fucking heroin and shit delivered to your door than it is to get a pizza but how the fuck do you get it

  9. Dassa Besso

    Dassa Besso

    6 dager siden

    9:09 Look at the profile on that lizardman. Too bad Dave can't forge himself a stronger chin.

  10. shadowbanned


    7 dager siden

    lvl 1 weeb vs lvl 100 otaku

  11. David Foster

    David Foster

    7 dager siden

    When do you stream? (Normal day of week)

  12. BiScott Kite

    BiScott Kite

    7 dager siden

    shut the up weebs

  13. DaHipHopWitch !

    DaHipHopWitch !

    8 dager siden

    Did the show just Mixed up Durandal (Roland) and Excalibur (Arthur)? Because I've learned in french class the poem about the crusade and it's about Roland and his Durandal.

  14. Etcetera


    9 dager siden

    I know it's you trying to be entertaining but that guy just phrased "I met a blacksmith" oddly for a boring ass story.

  15. ReggieTop10s


    9 dager siden

    This show would be so much better if they built the swords and then had a free for all

  16. Isaac Reyes

    Isaac Reyes

    10 dager siden

    Offbrand leafy...

  17. FritzTheMan


    10 dager siden

    Why Dave be looking like the TF2 Scout's Uncle

  18. Derek Peltier

    Derek Peltier

    11 dager siden

    "Doug's about to release his bankai"

  19. Clouded Void

    Clouded Void

    11 dager siden

    Havent seen a weeb on chopped trying to make sushi yet. Still waiting.



    11 dager siden

    **Something from Japanese culture exists** Charlie: What a weeb thing Me: *TRIGGERD*

    • Dennis Xu

      Dennis Xu

      9 dager siden

      ok weeb

  21. Colin Sanderson

    Colin Sanderson

    12 dager siden

    They sent gabriel home cause he made a Japanese blade!!!!!!😂😂 It's the rookie mistake to make a Japanese blade!

  22. Shalo CFH

    Shalo CFH

    12 dager siden

    Like a Halo covenant... or an elite lol

  23. sa oef

    sa oef

    12 dager siden

    Fuck you mr I want a quirky and shpechul sword. Dave is the ultimate classic chad.

  24. altkovac


    12 dager siden

    My dad watches this lmaoooooo

  25. Deep Impact Airsoft

    Deep Impact Airsoft

    13 dager siden

    My ex made it through 3 levels of that weeb transformation. She hated it when I called her a weeb though

  26. Gabe Cornett

    Gabe Cornett

    13 dager siden

    I hate that the weeb is named Gabriel

  27. SpartanPunisher


    13 dager siden

    Gabriel comes back later and wins

  28. Mohammad M

    Mohammad M

    14 dager siden

    In all levels but physical, I am a japanese anime samurai

  29. Elizabeth Coldrider

    Elizabeth Coldrider

    14 dager siden

    I used to watch this show when I was little and I opened a memory inside my brain I thought I forgot forever

  30. demfazons Channel

    demfazons Channel

    14 dager siden

    So no one is talking about how Charlie mentioned Boku no Pico? Sickos.

  31. LeDieuMasochiste


    14 dager siden

    If Keanu Reeves was a streamer

  32. LightningPo


    14 dager siden

    Who invited Colonel Sanders to Forged in Fire?

  33. Kazu Tama

    Kazu Tama

    14 dager siden

    boku no pico. one of the best

  34. LOZIM


    15 dager siden

    Your beard looks like pubic hair

  35. Crusty Croissant

    Crusty Croissant

    15 dager siden

    I hate to be this guy but Charlie only the grunts from halo have blue blood

  36. Dead Juice

    Dead Juice

    15 dager siden

    Do the judges at any point, after declaring the winner, have a offside moment with them and tell them: "Good job, but... none of this is going to help you in the modern world. No, not even being the champion of our show. No one needs super sick strong katana. Im sorry"

  37. Froth Bite

    Froth Bite

    15 dager siden

    What I got from this is I'm a 3rd stage weeb

  38. Q Mellow

    Q Mellow

    15 dager siden

    Sometimes your voice is louder sometimes the video is louder, and i mean way louder. Equalize your stuff more pls

  39. Joseph Nimmons

    Joseph Nimmons

    15 dager siden

    Make fun of my episode! Season 6 episode 28

  40. taygata


    15 dager siden

    Taking an infantry sword and using it on a horse is so wrong.