Filibuster: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver explains why filibusters exist, why they shouldn't, and why it's stupid to drink coffee like a cat.
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  1. Harsh Raythattha

    Harsh Raythattha

    10 timer siden

    Me, an Indian guy, watching this episode drinking Chai from my saucer at 2 in the morning the way my mom taught me: ... :(

  2. TheAGcollector101


    10 timer siden

    John Oliver- Shows picture of saucer Americans- wait, you mean those tiny plates aren't just for when I need a smaller plate and don't want to do a lot of dishes?

  3. Dahak


    10 timer siden

    I'm in favor of keeping the filibuster but making the senators still stand and speak. Why? Because it IS a useful tool to give the minority party some power in our government. By making them stand and speak it comes with an actual cost (unlike now) that the senators have to pay unlike the current system. If you look at that graph they showed highlighting the misuse of the filibuster, you might notice things really took off once there was no price to pay. If, for example Republicans had 50 votes to repeal Obamacare and replace it with nothing, without the filibuster that would happen. Instantly. Nothing anyone can do about it. Just like what happened with Kavanaugh. The only reason they even had debate over a Supreme Court Justice nominee was a couple Republicans weren't sure. If there is a physical cost to pay it means it doesn't get abused over basic bills and is used only on things that are actually rather important to the minority party.

  4. Mark Lawson

    Mark Lawson

    14 timer siden

    The purpose of the senate is to protect the opulent minority. Check the googler or Federalist 51. Lawson di Ransom Canyon

  5. hazel dub

    hazel dub

    14 timer siden

    nobody is asking the important question here.. is that painting up for auction

  6. Ryan Clarke

    Ryan Clarke

    15 timer siden

    How Ted Cruz did not get the blatant, obvious irony of trying to filibuster the ACA by reading Green Eggs and Ham...is beyond me. Does he not get the moral of that story? Is he that fucking STUPID?!?! Rhetorical question. We all know he is.

  7. melvina628


    17 timer siden

    6:41 So, it's a rich people's blockade for poor people's desires, just like the electoral college.

  8. luke shaw

    luke shaw

    19 timer siden

    >of course there were dutch pirates!...who do you think founded the *dutch west indies* (aruba, bonaire, curacao - as well as sint maarten, & suriname)?...also the nicaraguan caribbean town of "bluefields" is named after this dutch pirate ; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Blauvelt

  9. Yuuri Shibuya

    Yuuri Shibuya

    19 timer siden

    11:11 Oliver’s British accent surfaces.

  10. David T

    David T

    Dag siden

    #Yang2020 #AndrewYang

  11. Sexy Weenis

    Sexy Weenis

    Dag siden

    Sigh our countries fucked once again

  12. lordis belingsly

    lordis belingsly

    Dag siden

    is rand short for randall?

  13. Stephanie The Teacher

    Stephanie The Teacher

    Dag siden

    Jimmy Stewart a bad actor?? What the actual fuck, John. I love you but you are testing that love right now.

  14. firewordsparkler


    Dag siden

    this is the video where i learned that john oliver didn't know why saucers existed

  15. IntermediateJesus


    Dag siden

    Sipping Coffe from a saucer was pretty common back in the day in many parts of europe too.

  16. lmcgiglez


    Dag siden

    Look, I agree, but before it's killed I would really like someone to filibuster something Cruz wants by reading Ted Cruz fanfiction (preferably something small, I don't want to really fork over the country much more). I've never seen any TC fanfiction, however according to the rules of the internet, it exists somewhere. I just want that. Maybe for Christmas.

  17. Susan Hillwig

    Susan Hillwig

    Dag siden

    John Oliver's most-controversial statement ever: "[Jimmy Stewart] was a bad actor."

  18. paul casino

    paul casino

    Dag siden

    I disagree with John Oliver a lot but the Jimmy Stewart thing goes to far.

  19. Ryan Clarke

    Ryan Clarke

    Dag siden

    I have long defended the filibuster for the sole reason to prevent far reaching, major legislation that affects millions of lives from being able to pass with a simple majority. I have always believed such things should, if at all possible, have agreement with a larger majority of the Senate. If there is enough will to pass something over a filibuster, then compromise and working together becomes more likely. But, those days are gone...

  20. Sai Anand

    Sai Anand

    Dag siden

    Did anybody else think of the video for Nobody Speak ( noplayer.info/show/TlVDMkVRdmR6bVk.html ) when he spoke about senators brawling mid-session?

  21. lordblazer


    Dag siden

    Obama is Black. therefore the filibuster will be weaponized to ridiculous levels of abuse to restore a norm of white supremacy.

  22. RV Traveler61

    RV Traveler61

    Dag siden

    I am here to educate you simple minded Democrats Communists and Socialists, so bring on all your nonsense lies and Propaganda, I enjoy smacking you around with facts, Get wise MOFOs get on the trump train and Vote for the Greatest president of Our Time Donald J. Trump 2020 is just around the corner.

  23. Azure Balmung

    Azure Balmung

    Dag siden

    "When I saw him reading Green Eggs and Ham, I decided that he only time I'd ever listen to him speak again....is if he was wearing aluminum foil on his head." - Lewis Black

  24. Pablo Quijada Salazar

    Pablo Quijada Salazar

    Dag siden

    3:40 oh wow it’s Ryan Gosling’s past identity!

  25. Janelle C

    Janelle C

    Dag siden

    Noooo you don't. You can't say Jimmy Stewart was a bad actor in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington! That and It's a Wonderful Life are SACRED. You do NOT go after those great american classics, no way!

  26. Themachine


    Dag siden

    A republican RUSSIAN MOLE in the PRESIDENCY of the USA and the senior republican senators r OKAY with that RAT..MoscowMiTch and Graham.

  27. Maxuras


    Dag siden

    1. Filibusteers should be required to talk. 2. Should a talker become the victim of aggravated assault and be unable to continue speaking, somebody else needs to jump in for him. Bring back the good old days of 7:48

  28. Vince Brannon

    Vince Brannon

    Dag siden

    filibuster doe NOT come from the dutch vrijbuiter (freebooter). (pronounced fry-bouter)

  29. kerberospanzer


    2 dager siden

    Remember the movie Serpico and why Attica google it

  30. Roadrunner& Recovery

    Roadrunner& Recovery

    2 dager siden

    Mitch McConnel claiming the grim reaper just fucked your time ahead your about to go down like the newest clown !!! I'm going 2 bring you down as the under taker and I have a real track record WATCH !!!

  31. Manders3900


    2 dager siden

    Warren 2020 has a plan for that. ;)

  32. johnheyrman


    2 dager siden

    Love John Oliver, but Jimmy Stewart was not a bad actor, nor were they "all pretty bad back then."

  33. JustPassingThrough


    2 dager siden

    Ok I'm sold. Filibustering definitely needs to die. I'd rather the smaller risk of bad legislation than the guarantee of nearly no good legislation and even less overall progress on legislation as a whole.

  34. Leviathan Xyzzy

    Leviathan Xyzzy

    2 dager siden

    Ted Cruz is a filibuster cocksucker.

  35. Dark Side Entertainment

    Dark Side Entertainment

    2 dager siden

    11:50 Best bit 12:08

  36. Laurie Guilbeau

    Laurie Guilbeau

    2 dager siden

    Is that why a cup of coffee or tea is served with a saucer? I always wondered what the point of the saucer was. To hold a lemon slice? To catch spills? To hold your teaspoon?

  37. Chait


    2 dager siden

    Jon, you're English, you have to know this mate. People always pour their tea in the saucer to cool it off. that's an English thing

  38. Dylan Thomas

    Dylan Thomas

    2 dager siden

    Ay fug you Chasing Amy is a great movie and an important one today. She wasn't a lesbian, she wasn't sure of any of it. She just liked experimenting and loving, and society kept trying to label her and she shed all of that. It's a good message!

  39. Eduard Braila

    Eduard Braila

    2 dager siden

    Green new deal is restarted sooo I don’t give a shit

  40. Alan Cobb

    Alan Cobb

    2 dager siden

    Try passing legislation that can be supported by both parties and you have a solution. Try passing extreme legislation & you will die a slow death. What high population areas need is different than what rural America needs; find a common ground.

  41. Dean Quinlan

    Dean Quinlan

    2 dager siden

    So basically instead of being a cooling saucer, the US senate just lets the coffee sit there until it evaporates. Well done everyone.

  42. Garnoth123


    2 dager siden

    Although I love John, he REALLY needs to work on his Dutch accent.... He's doing like a Scandinavian duck with a lisp or something.

  43. प्रियदर्शी


    2 dager siden

    6:20 What do you mean that isn't common? :P Every old person across Asia, from Syria to Japan, does that when they are drinking with cups with handles.

  44. Sykersomatic


    2 dager siden

    ...but I like Jimmy Stewart.

  45. Tragarful Law

    Tragarful Law

    2 dager siden

    Ted Cruz rhymes make my day🤣

  46. Charles Hepburn II

    Charles Hepburn II

    2 dager siden

    Seems to me, if I got paid to do something, and I filibustered it, I should lose that pay.... want to motivate old white dudes? Cha-Ching should do it... it always has.

  47. Jan Berkemeier

    Jan Berkemeier

    2 dager siden

    Y'know, normally I applaud John Oliver for his well-conducted research and bringing up facts few people knew about to offer a different point of view on a topic of interest, but this time it's tragically obvious that he's just talking out of his ass. There's no caramel in a Milky Way.

  48. mike kunnecke

    mike kunnecke

    2 dager siden

    Actually, I do think making them Talk is better than what we have now. At least give the disfunction sound bites.

  49. JWil42


    2 dager siden

    “It is more important to kill bad bills than to pass good ones.” -former president Calvin Coolidge



    2 dager siden

    Is that Ben Affleck in the background watching him pee?

  51. Frederik


    2 dager siden

    Not sure I agree with you there. Sure enough, when Trump is in favour of something, you need to take a closer look. But in this case he's (oh how it hurts my fingers) right. There need to be measures to protect the minority from the majority (great example are the pipelines that are going over Native American ground. Yes, the majority will benefit from it, but he minority has to suffer for it.), but effectually preventing government from doing its job is not the best way in my opinion.

  52. MonKeiBusiness


    3 dager siden

    14 minutes in, forgot to mention that it makes your debate culture the laughing stock of the world. Amongst other things.

  53. Griot David

    Griot David

    3 dager siden

    French piracy also had a similar name, la Flibuste, with pirates names Flibustiers Don't know which came first between french and dutch though.

    • Need you now

      Need you now

      2 dager siden

      single payer doesn't make you a socialist nation, look at the rest of the western world, most have it.

  54. joe dell

    joe dell

    3 dager siden

    I live in Europe, We have free college tuition, free health care(one of the best in the world), 30 days paid vacations, no schoool shootings, everybody is allow to vote, and we are free, this is call democratic socialism and it works wonders iberomagazine.com/2019/03/07/the-ecological-holocaust/

    • Need you now

      Need you now

      2 dager siden

      "Going to make sure Socialism doesn't end up on the president's desk." .... By refusing to be democratic, by refusing to go or our democracy. Got ya... Anti-America... Oh, and

  55. Stephanie Koflin

    Stephanie Koflin

    3 dager siden

    Every week a new I do not like that man Ted Cruz rhyme for the rest of the season

    • Stephanie Koflin

      Stephanie Koflin

      3 dager siden

      11:50 if anyone needs it

  56. Roxfox


    3 dager siden

    Uh, my grandfather used to drink coffee from the saucer just some 20 years ago. Though to be fair, I never understood why he did it. That explanation makes a lot of sense, so thanks for that, I suppose! (Also, what the heck? The Dutch had a huge presence in the Caribbean during the age of sail, of course there were Dutch pirates! And Spanish and French!)

  57. treyspurge


    3 dager siden

    Are we gonna pretend that his German accent isn’t racist? Or are we gonna hold everyone to the same standards?

    • ryan goepfert

      ryan goepfert

      Dag siden

      Wasn't aware German was a race but I guess there are about 70 races these days

  58. ǟȶɦɛɨֆȶ ֆʟǟʏɛʀ

    ǟȶɦɛɨֆȶ ֆʟǟʏɛʀ

    3 dager siden

    Every idle Word will be judged.

  59. Andrew Hinton

    Andrew Hinton

    3 dager siden

    It's really annoying that you come to America and then criticize our system. Obviously it's better than England. If it's so bad you would go home. What gives you the right to talk shit. You're not a victim. Quit whining.

  60. PaulsOver9000


    3 dager siden

    White president has a few and black president has hundreds... They really didnt want him to have credit for lifting up the country. That they weren't smart enough too and failed their constituents.