The 2019 Lexus LX570 Is a $95,000 Disappointment

The 2019 Lexus LX570 is a $95,000 luxury SUV -- and also a disappointment. Today I'm reviewing the LX570 to show you why it could be better, and why I prefer its rivals. I'm going to show you around the LX570, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of Lexus's SUV -- then I'm going to drive it.
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  1. Nun Yah

    Nun Yah

    14 minutter siden

    Lexus has always been such a shitty brand to me and never understood why people bought them

  2. Professional Enthusiast

    Professional Enthusiast

    17 minutter siden

    $95,000 so Not Expensive ... Lexus LX570 and Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes-Benz G-Class My Favorite SUV Cars.

  3. sydjaguar


    Time siden

    Unlike everything else, this one will go to the corner of the earth and back in luxury. Hardly a disappointment. Should be a diesel.

  4. Bryan K.

    Bryan K.

    5 timer siden

    Does anyone else get really annoyed by the Toyota/Lexus high-pitched "beep beep" noise when locking and unlocking their vehicles?

  5. Car Mike

    Car Mike

    8 timer siden

    Doug looks like a mini Doug behind that behemoth!

  6. Howie Kay

    Howie Kay

    8 timer siden

    more than capable off roader

  7. Howie Kay

    Howie Kay

    8 timer siden

    solid reliable car, new tech is not stable, my gx 460 is realiable, super... my range rover sport, hse already in service 3 times, within one year...

  8. Chronic Awareness

    Chronic Awareness

    8 timer siden

    Doug people who buy a 95,000 Lexus lx dont care about "fuel economy"

  9. Simon Burke

    Simon Burke

    9 timer siden

    I have a 2018 Fiat 500L and the info system is far superior to this......

  10. Sean McCabe

    Sean McCabe

    9 timer siden

    The Infiniti QX80 is even worse in nearly every metric, it's depressing

  11. Urban Cow

    Urban Cow

    11 timer siden

    Review the Lexus LS 430

  12. Paolo Lucia

    Paolo Lucia

    12 timer siden

    I would care less about the electronics and infotainment features, like that’s not the MAIN reason why someone would buy this vehicle, I’m sure it’s smooth as butter while driving and very comfortable and attractive, as well as off-road capability.

  13. Tony x

    Tony x

    16 timer siden

    That's amazing fuel economy I get 5mpg

  14. Jordan McCarthy

    Jordan McCarthy

    16 timer siden

    Lol "Fairly capable" nice one.

  15. ELPJM09


    16 timer siden

    Doug is like most car reviewers, only liking performance or”fun to drive cars.”. Then again he is only a car reviewer and not a mechanic like Scotty Kilmer, who praises the Lexus/Toyota brand. The truth is that the majority of people want reliable transportation not a sports car. In my opinion Lexus vehicles have sharp, modern and bold designs that make them stand out. The majority of people I know drive who them are doctors, business owners, principals, etc. Educated people that actually know what reliabilty means.

  16. Cody Slab

    Cody Slab

    16 timer siden

    *People buying lexus and toyota want reliability, not a fucking computer screen and 80 ECU's that will start failing after 2 yera of ownership thus making these cars disposable lease toys like BMW's, go fuck yoruself doug*

  17. Kai Narine

    Kai Narine

    16 timer siden

    Technology changes every year but reliability doesn’t. You can buy a 90k SUV with the latest tech and 2-3 years later take it to the junkyard or you can buy the “old school, customer service, bad styling” that will last you easily more than 10 years. Doug we all know that you don’t like Lexus and you should probably stop reviewing them since “A Lexus is never good enough for Doug”.

  18. Lari Hiltunen

    Lari Hiltunen

    18 timer siden

    Did anybody notice a fun little fact in the fuel economy numbers. 1:28 When se said 13mgp in city it is 18L/100km, and 18mpg is 13L/100km 18/13/13/18

  19. Scott Biccum

    Scott Biccum

    18 timer siden

    Regarding the nav system.... YES! YES! YES!!! By far, the worst vehicle navigation system I have ever experienced was when we bought a new Toyota Sienna Van back in 2009. It was tremendously aggravating to use. Within a month of ownership, we decided to simply use Google maps on our cellphones for nav duty. The arduous process of entering an address into the Toyota system was WAY more hassle than it should be... Even a stand alone Garmin nav system (from the same era) offered light speed data entry by comparison.. Oh, and.... whenever we wanted to navigate home, we had to select our street, not our home address because... despite the fact that our home was 20 years old, Toyota's nav system couldn't locate the specific home address.... Toyota / Lexus nav systems are WORSE THAN USELESS

  20. VannessTV


    18 timer siden

    For 95 grand you only get 2008 model in here (Cambodia) 2019 cost nealy 200 grand xD

  21. Muhammad Danyal Satti

    Muhammad Danyal Satti

    19 timer siden

    The grille isn't uglier than u😒

  22. Lennard V Jay

    Lennard V Jay

    19 timer siden

    Toyota & Lexus Both have Japanese NATIVE monopoly when it comes to Exterior Design...they will not allow nor accept designs from other than from Japanese morons Employed in their...for worse in 2018 Lexus held design competition for a designer but that Competition itself was rigged to make a japanese the winner

  23. trunks ko

    trunks ko

    21 time siden

    it's a good suv with great reliability

  24. giorgi champ

    giorgi champ

    21 time siden

    Thats why you buy LX450 with a diesel engine, same luxury better fuel economy

  25. Denilzon Munoz

    Denilzon Munoz

    21 time siden

    doug the type of guy to eat pringles while giving a doug score to a speed boat

  26. Mohammed Al-Shehhi

    Mohammed Al-Shehhi

    21 time siden

    Lexus is basically selling the brand rather than features. It still puzzles me how these people purchase Lexus. You can buy more powerful and more luxurious vehicle with the amount you pay.

  27. អឿន យូឡុង Oeun YouLong

    អឿន យូឡុង Oeun YouLong

    22 timer siden

    Love from Cambodia 🇰🇭 😂

  28. The Saint

    The Saint

    Dag siden

    I want Doug to beat me up

  29. Demesi Gidali

    Demesi Gidali

    Dag siden

    This car was designed for African dictators not for the rest of the world.

  30. Микола Гелетій

    Микола Гелетій

    Dag siden

    I wonder in what country is the price for the Lexus lx 570?

  31. jrbisc99


    Dag siden

    Dude, your gas mileage concerns are a joke. If you spent $95k on it you're not giving 2 shits about gas mileage.

  32. Salman Billeth

    Salman Billeth

    Dag siden

    This is the best SUV I've ever seen. Best i mean Reliable, luxury, spacious, resale value, low maintenance cost...

  33. cristian martinez

    cristian martinez

    Dag siden

    Had me bustin with the American

  34. Eric Bixby

    Eric Bixby

    Dag siden

    *85,000 land cruiser* Doug: “it’s worth it” *95,000 same car but even better from lexus* Doug: Why the Lexus LX is disappointing

  35. Truly Canehdian

    Truly Canehdian

    Dag siden

    $95000 disappointed...yup, that would be my last marriage. She had zero quirks and horrible features.

  36. Asu Space

    Asu Space

    Dag siden

    Get Rangerover instead.

  37. GhostShock


    Dag siden

    Why did those giant window blinds grills get popular? I drove my parents 2015 Lexus after a wreck for a few months.. it's interior was garbage back then. Hard to use, and poorly designed. I'm not sure why people buy Lexus vehicles.

  38. Ray DeLaCruz

    Ray DeLaCruz

    Dag siden

    I agree with everything Doug said. Lexus compensates way too much at the owners expense and that's sad. I'd rather get a Mercedes SUV at that price or a Maserati SUV.

  39. Vero Kitkat

    Vero Kitkat

    Dag siden

    I want analog dials in my cars, none of that crap digital nonsense which will break after a couple years.

  40. Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström

    Dag siden

    Except for Lexus ancient UX, I can't see any reason for Lexus to sell it cheaper because of the missing "features". Saying that Audi will SELL YOU a display gauge cluster for a 40K A4 says nothing. What does a Audi Q7 with a full LCD cluster cost? Remember that a Land Rover Defender cost the same as that A4 and that litteraly had a cardboard center console. A normal Land Cruiser doesn't cost that much less and this is just a nice version of that. Would I drive out in the desert in a Range Rover? Not unless I was suicidal... Lexus/Toyota any time! And REAL quality has a price too.

  41. Lukáš Haltof

    Lukáš Haltof

    Dag siden

    Guys anyone knows where I can find more of Doug's thoughts?

  42. P90iq


    Dag siden

    In iraq and middle east people love it

  43. ItsYoungPablo


    Dag siden

    it looks like a land cruiser

  44. Rahul S

    Rahul S

    Dag siden

    Audi's screens needs a lot software updates and one thing or the other goes wrong after the updates. In a LX, that won't happen.

  45. Ryan Newsome

    Ryan Newsome

    Dag siden

    If Doug thinks the Lexus is bad, wait till he jumps in an Infiniti one day lmao the interior is way worse.

  46. Mian Sufyan

    Mian Sufyan

    Dag siden

    My most favorite suv

  47. anant kandpal

    anant kandpal

    Dag siden

    This review is a disappointment

  48. Arch angel Of Death

    Arch angel Of Death

    Dag siden

    time to unsubscribe...

  49. CNT


    Dag siden

    I want one bad, but do not have $95K. So I drive Honda CRV

  50. A34


    Dag siden

    that car there is my sister dream car but i tell her its very ugly

  51. Ross Gould

    Ross Gould

    2 dager siden

    Some have different view of power and performance and a voice almost as annoying as Doug's :-)

  52. Jorge Acosta

    Jorge Acosta

    2 dager siden

    LOL... I was going to writte a comment on how this "disappointment" thing makes no sense, but I see that everyone else beat me to it...

  53. Waleed Binhamid

    Waleed Binhamid

    2 dager siden

    I Guess Lexus Dint Pay Him For This , Soo Much Criticism !

  54. SuperGamingAli


    2 dager siden

    I got a car ad before this video

  55. Tiago Carvalho

    Tiago Carvalho

    2 dager siden

    Let me ask this, Doug owned a range rover, right? He also did a video about how many times did it broke down, right? Well I have one of this with 230.000 miles and mine broke... Hum.... Never, sounds like a terrible deal to me 🤣 Jokes aside yes it's getting old and it could see a refresh and I totally agree the fuel consumption is bad and some things in between however I would never ever buy a range rover or a ford instead an LX but that's just me, I don't like to know my mechanic by the first name 😉

    • Tiago Carvalho

      Tiago Carvalho

      2 dager siden

      Oh and by the way I'm a subscriber for a long time now and I saw a lot of your videos and I understand doing content is not easy but let me tell you this, this is the first time I put a comment on a video on NOplayer so congratulations. Although I respectfully disagree with you, I'll still see your videos cause I kind a like your content and your ideas of Lexus been crap (I own 2 by the way).

  56. Bman Mcdowell

    Bman Mcdowell

    2 dager siden

    It's Lexus, what you'd

  57. Semir-LA


    2 dager siden

    I agree ... but I will buy it. It is ancient

  58. steven hanna

    steven hanna

    2 dager siden

    Lexus cars are ugly with the Darth Vader face

  59. Thanh Le

    Thanh Le

    2 dager siden

    Give it to me if you don't like it!

  60. Fredo


    2 dager siden

    Doug’s the type of guy that would spend a dollar to save a dime 💵