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  1. Michael Frimpong-idowu

    Michael Frimpong-idowu

    Time siden

    They should have done an award for the best hide and seek video.

  2. panda gamer

    panda gamer

    4 dager siden

    How did harry get nominated for ugliest like bruh

  3. Rishab Ghoshal

    Rishab Ghoshal

    6 dager siden


  4. Oliver Eva

    Oliver Eva

    6 dager siden

    Which video Is it that ksi and simon donate together

  5. Albert einstein

    Albert einstein

    6 dager siden

    When is there gonna be 2019 charity match

  6. Dazzle Shine

    Dazzle Shine

    6 dager siden

    Think Harry’s the fittest lmao

  7. Makasi-Noble Pivot

    Makasi-Noble Pivot

    7 dager siden

    vik seems like a cunt off camera HH

    • Rishab Ghoshal

      Rishab Ghoshal

      6 dager siden would know...

  8. winwin’s elf ear

    winwin’s elf ear

    8 dager siden

    the way they voted the best looking sidemen as the ugliest lmaoo



    10 dager siden

    Tobi is the least funny sidemen I literally can’t remember laughing at anything he said

    • Mustafa Khan

      Mustafa Khan

      8 dager siden

      You broke my whiteboard

  10. jerome cooper

    jerome cooper

    10 dager siden

    Can you wake the FUCK UP

  11. A17 xxx

    A17 xxx

    11 dager siden

    Josh has boring content on his channel

  12. Best Smooth

    Best Smooth

    11 dager siden

    This was filmed the same day as «SIDEMEN speed date».

  13. Kristian


    11 dager siden

    5:42 ethan looks fucking devastated hahahaha

  14. AmirLivesMatter


    11 dager siden

    I honestly think the Road trip video was the best

  15. paityn koch

    paityn koch

    12 dager siden

    harry’s so cute tho

  16. travhis05


    12 dager siden

    RIP harry -2019

  17. Maskingkid 1

    Maskingkid 1

    12 dager siden

    I died at 3:47

  18. Chloe Dunne

    Chloe Dunne

    12 dager siden

    Harry is the best looking

  19. Kingz Unknown Soldier

    Kingz Unknown Soldier

    13 dager siden

    ZRK LDN and ILLVZN were forgotten for best clothing😂😂

  20. A C

    A C

    13 dager siden

    bro harry is the hottest ?

  21. Harry Midgley

    Harry Midgley

    13 dager siden

    Best body. Look how salty Ethan is. Lol. 😂😂😂

  22. Kyle Edwards

    Kyle Edwards

    14 dager siden

    Vik got so mad at Harry lmao 😂

  23. SonnyMacGunny


    14 dager siden

    Why wasn’t harry falling on his head not nominated for worst wipeout?

  24. maria benny

    maria benny

    15 dager siden

    Why is the background fucking fungus

  25. RobotGirl 1926

    RobotGirl 1926

    15 dager siden

    Ok let’s be honest Simon and Harry should not have got in the ugliest sidemen category Vik maybe.

  26. Aryan Malhotra

    Aryan Malhotra

    15 dager siden

    Where is the main channel one

  27. Jazzy G

    Jazzy G

    15 dager siden

    Where's Harry

  28. RH - 09RK - Castlebrooke SS (2692)

    RH - 09RK - Castlebrooke SS (2692)

    15 dager siden

    Amazing Video And LIT Funny Nominees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Anniversary Sidemen I Love Both Channels,All Of Each Of Your Personal Channels,Gaming Channels,Friend Channels I Hope All Of You Celebrated With A Tasty Cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I Truly Want Is Seeing All Of My Favorite NOplayerrs Happy Which Are All Of You The Sidemen,The Friends Also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hyped To See This Week's Sidemen Saturday Sorry That I Watched Late I Had So Much Home Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  29. kaiaaaburrowsss


    15 dager siden

    Idk what harry is on in this vid but I want some, he looks chilled as fuuuuuuuck



    16 dager siden

    Tobe took Harry's shoes?

  31. Kid Synergy

    Kid Synergy

    16 dager siden

    Harry’s mom deserves the best wipeout award when he pelted her in the face

  32. Oscar Esp

    Oscar Esp

    16 dager siden

    My name is oscar

  33. Twinkle Trini

    Twinkle Trini

    16 dager siden

    Vik vik vik stfu man ur a virgin fuck urself

  34. Lucas Hopkins Vlogs

    Lucas Hopkins Vlogs

    17 dager siden


  35. Nigel


    17 dager siden

    Jj saying “oh shit what?” For all of them In the ugliest sidemen award when he knows he voted for one of em

  36. Daniel Connelly

    Daniel Connelly

    17 dager siden

    Ethan should’ve won best body

  37. Amelia GOLLER

    Amelia GOLLER

    17 dager siden

    Harry is the best 🤩

  38. John Gadbois

    John Gadbois

    17 dager siden

    People are saying Ethan should’ve won the best body. Has he gotten much more fit, yes. Does he have the best body in the sidemen, there’s legit no question. He does not.

  39. steena


    17 dager siden

    0:44 angry vikk😡

  40. Javier G

    Javier G

    18 dager siden

    Vikk becoming mature 😂😂

  41. 500 sub with 0 video

    500 sub with 0 video

    18 dager siden

    Can we reach 500 subscribers without videos?

  42. Kai Parkinson

    Kai Parkinson

    18 dager siden

    If Ethan says gangshit one more time

  43. David Thomas

    David Thomas

    18 dager siden

    This should be the worst vid, but love watching the vidz guys😂😂😂😂😂

  44. Adam Colyer

    Adam Colyer

    18 dager siden

    Surprised Babatunde didn’t get dumbest sidemen award

  45. Ella May

    Ella May

    19 dager siden

    vik flexing his iphone11

  46. Sarah Norton

    Sarah Norton

    19 dager siden

    any one else secretly think harry and ethan are a couple lol

  47. Maysaa Ghasham

    Maysaa Ghasham

    19 dager siden

    this video is boring.......

  48. teddy Field

    teddy Field

    20 dager siden

    Jjs the dumbest

  49. ItzBrennan _

    ItzBrennan _

    20 dager siden

    Who's funnier harry or KSI Like harry comment ksi🤔

  50. Ester Ortega

    Ester Ortega

    20 dager siden

    Me still waiting for the drama starter 😑😭

  51. Amy


    20 dager siden

    I’m sorry... but ugliest sidemen: •Josh •Vik •Ethan Simon and Harry didn’t deserve the ‘ugliest’ title, they’re the prettiest in my opinion😍

    • bssni touir

      bssni touir

      20 dager siden

      Soz but Harry’s the fittest ahaha 🤷‍♀️

  52. Abdullah Usmani good

    Abdullah Usmani good

    21 dag siden

    Just is digging his nose 👃 in the best body votes

    • beedsj roiue

      beedsj roiue

      20 dager siden

      Soz but Harry’s the fittest ahaha 🤷‍♀️

  53. Venum


    21 dag siden

    Cringe 0:44

  54. Jkeirnan


    21 dag siden

    What a stinker of a vid

    • sotuur aeei

      sotuur aeei

      20 dager siden

      DO NOT PRESS READ MORE you got infinite luck, and u get to play with ninja Like to activate

  55. kSpades


    21 dag siden

    Do raka raka 2

  56. kSpades


    21 dag siden

    0:45 Vik is the dad

  57. Jakub S

    Jakub S

    21 dag siden

    Tgf collab plssss

  58. Adlam Cunry

    Adlam Cunry

    21 dag siden

    I forgot Ethan was fat until the throwback clip

  59. Saj The One

    Saj The One

    21 dag siden


  60. Melisha Matthews 0913

    Melisha Matthews 0913

    21 dag siden

    Best body should have gone to ethan