Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down Combat Scenes From Movies | GQ

Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink breaks down combat scenes from movies, including 'American Sniper,' 'Zero Dark Thirty,' 'Captain Phillips,' 'Navy SEALS,' 'Act of Valor' and 'Lone Survivor.'

Jocko's new audiobook and book, Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual, is out now: www.amazon.com/Leadership-Strategy-Tactics-Field-Manual/dp/1250226848
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Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down Combat Scenes From Movies | GQ


  1. Minister Tom saved you

    Minister Tom saved you

    4 timer siden

    While lazy Americans sit back and watch sports....paying good money .these Brave Warriors get NO recognition. Im here to say ....I refuse to watch sports. Pay our Brave Heroes.

  2. Lawrence Szabo

    Lawrence Szabo

    4 timer siden

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. That must have been a really long session with all the movies he went through. I'd love to see him do more.

  3. Israel Franco

    Israel Franco

    4 timer siden

    Pretty interesting stuff explained by the navy seal!

  4. Crescent Sheath

    Crescent Sheath

    5 timer siden

    This video was cool to watch. :)

  5. Oscar Alca

    Oscar Alca

    5 timer siden

    Chuck Norris is afraid of this guy.

  6. Golbez


    6 timer siden

    why are the canadians considered the best snipers in the world?

  7. Daft Punk685

    Daft Punk685

    6 timer siden

    Basically if Randy Orton and John Cena had a kid

  8. Erik Kalifornia

    Erik Kalifornia

    6 timer siden

    They gave Lone Survivor and quick pass. That movie needed the full 26 minutes to break down.

  9. Olivier Langlet

    Olivier Langlet

    6 timer siden

    I would happily do a arm-wrestling contest with this man. And die.

  10. Matt The Radar Technician

    Matt The Radar Technician

    7 timer siden

    I would love to see someone in the military react to the COD breach and clear missions and especially the one in Modern Warfare 2019

  11. Alan Oh

    Alan Oh

    7 timer siden

    Who's idea was it to create these videos, your comparing facts against the fantasy that is found in films. Of course they are going to be different to real life, because its a film not a documentary!!!

  12. Hail Victory

    Hail Victory

    9 timer siden

    "What they need to do is die"

  13. HerMajestyTheLlama


    9 timer siden

    I came here for the comments and I was not disappointed.

  14. Hafiz Zul

    Hafiz Zul

    10 timer siden

    I tought the act of valor actor was the actual military guy

  15. Yodele Ladejobi

    Yodele Ladejobi

    10 timer siden

    he seems fun.

  16. Harsh Joglekar

    Harsh Joglekar

    10 timer siden

    Jocko once went into a courtroom and acquitted the judge.

  17. Gremio


    11 timer siden

    Jocko: At this point what you need to do is die Bad guys: Ok sir

  18. Azazreal


    12 timer siden

    ''People think SEALS are superhuman but we arent'' Im sorry have you looked in a mirror? xD

  19. Aaron Watson

    Aaron Watson

    13 timer siden

    Government dogs. Yanks think they own the world.

  20. KyleTJones


    14 timer siden

    The way of the warrior kid

  21. Kayla Stiles

    Kayla Stiles

    14 timer siden

    Mans said “freeze this frame” do not mess with this guy

  22. Puppetlo


    15 timer siden

    Chuck Norris approves this message.

  23. Andrew Dalzell

    Andrew Dalzell

    17 timer siden

    thank you for your service but practically all the movies listed here were REAL events. they looked cool cuz they were based on real events. you were there for one.

  24. Eric L

    Eric L

    17 timer siden

    watching this video reminds me of all the war economy US has built itself onto the world

  25. Bill Seling

    Bill Seling

    18 timer siden

    Wow this guy maybe the absolute nicest man ever. And then snap your neck and say, "oh my bad dude".

  26. Tahir Yousaf

    Tahir Yousaf

    18 timer siden


  27. Rip the helicopter driver Of Kobe Bryant’s death

    Rip the helicopter driver Of Kobe Bryant’s death

    19 timer siden

    Jocko peepee so big when he got his girlfriend pregnant when she went through labor the baby came out like butter...

  28. KeyWestGlenn


    19 timer siden

    We’re not all super humans, just me

  29. Plot


    19 timer siden

    "Procedures", these soldiers are nothing else than brain washed robots in real life, movies show a romanticized version of reality, making us believe that soldiers are ...smart.

  30. Lloyd Harrington

    Lloyd Harrington

    19 timer siden


  31. Robin Welch

    Robin Welch

    20 timer siden

    The sooner humans are replaced by machines the better

  32. Drakonhammer


    21 time siden

    Terrorists once captured Jocko. They begged him for mercy.

  33. Tony Samos

    Tony Samos

    21 time siden


  34. Julian Salas

    Julian Salas

    21 time siden

    He looks like he IS the Military

  35. Aaron Anderson

    Aaron Anderson

    21 time siden

    Just another guy named whatever who kills "terrorist" in other countries for politicians that serve no purpose to the American people......(insert racist/stupid comments below)

  36. Krispy


    22 timer siden

    This is the guy runs his finger under the rim of the toilet bowl to check for cleanliness. And if it looks clean, tastes it just to be sure

  37. It’s Jay

    It’s Jay

    22 timer siden

    I thought he was throwing up a gang sign in the thumbnail

  38. koinekko


    23 timer siden

    This was really interesting. Thanks for the perspective. I've only ever known two seals, one while I was in the navy and one was a friend of my dad's. I'd have to say every seal I've ever met are some of the coolest and most chill people. So yea if I was going to consider a seal super human it would be because every one I've met is a shining example of what people should be like as well... people.

  39. Jedi Builder

    Jedi Builder

    23 timer siden

    20:54 "What they need to do is die" 😂😂

  40. Jamie Falconer

    Jamie Falconer

    Dag siden

    The US Navy Seals are considered SF after only 24 weeks of basic training. The British Royal Marines perform 32 weeks of basic training and will only be considered SF after SBS selection. If a Royal Marine is selected he'll do another 32 weeks to attain the designation "SF" and after that, he'll be SBS.

  41. Neil Sparks

    Neil Sparks

    Dag siden

    It's strange that he picks so many holes in act of valor when it starred actual navy seals who advised on the film.

  42. Unknown


    Dag siden

    Jocko’s house flooring is made of Lego bricks. The Legos scream with every step he takes.

  43. Anglozion 76

    Anglozion 76

    Dag siden

    5.3k progressive Democrats with their thumbs down

  44. Callsign Christmas

    Callsign Christmas

    Dag siden

    So doomguy was a Seal, who knew.

  45. Camille Nicole

    Camille Nicole

    Dag siden

    The comments are hilarious!

  46. Quinn Paradise May

    Quinn Paradise May

    Dag siden

    My husband built his own guilly suit. It looks great but he gets jute all over the house.

  47. KBDProductionsTV


    Dag siden

    This was great! thank you

  48. E A

    E A

    Dag siden

    This dude was born fully clothed already

  49. Dio Black

    Dio Black

    Dag siden

    Biggest problem I had with America Sniper was the main character was a complete fraud.

  50. Cameron Radaszewski

    Cameron Radaszewski

    Dag siden

    He was molded by the guys that made Small Soldiers.

  51. AWeebPilot WithNoLife

    AWeebPilot WithNoLife

    Dag siden

    Man, he looks like a real life Space Marine.

  52. Todestuete


    Dag siden

    They are hostile. What they need to do is die.

  53. M H

    M H

    Dag siden

    2 schools that I'm sure he went are the Death Stare school and the Death Necc school.

  54. HansNolan


    Dag siden

    I heard Jocko once took a lying detector test...the machine confessed everything

  55. Degtyarev Miklo

    Degtyarev Miklo

    Dag siden

    Did he just call GPNVG-18s ''regular nightvision'' ?

  56. WHCG RiP

    WHCG RiP

    Dag siden

    these comments are the best

  57. Toopkarcher


    Dag siden

    I like how he isn't pretentious and doesn't go "This is all so fake, wow they got it so wrong blah".

  58. Brenden Lisi

    Brenden Lisi

    Dag siden


  59. Rogerkonijntje


    Dag siden

    Jocko stubs his toe to the corner of his bed to make his weewee go poink!

  60. Sensei Jonas

    Sensei Jonas

    Dag siden

    still can't believe Jocko actually knew Chris Kyle