Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver takes a look at the president of Turkmenistan, a dangerous autocrat with some notably strange obsessions.
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  1. chitrasena pradhan

    chitrasena pradhan

    50 minutter siden

    Next week on Jammu and Kashmir.

  2. Divas Grover

    Divas Grover

    Time siden

    my favorite ep yet.

  3. Tamayo.F.J.1976


    Time siden

    I just don't know what's going to top this episode xD

  4. Avril Angelica Lizeth Osorio Mejia Hernandez

    Avril Angelica Lizeth Osorio Mejia Hernandez

    2 timer siden

    I love this guy so much! I only went to see the lion king for him LOL

  5. Nathan Bonnell

    Nathan Bonnell

    2 timer siden

    Talk in your next episode about how Joe Exotic went to prison!

  6. Jack Denny

    Jack Denny

    4 timer siden

    I tried reading that title and my bed started floating

  7. jose almeida

    jose almeida

    4 timer siden

    so. you made a whole program dedicated to tell the people that the president of a foregner country is a terrible man because he likes horses and sing. meanwhile the president of the USA kills how many people ? one bomb every 12 minutes... how futile is this program? typical MSM brainwash.

  8. samlerf


    4 timer siden

    You are mostly good with balancing jokes with serious content. So what the fuck was that? Almost nothing but forced jokes. This show is okay, yet don't just take their word. Use your brain, do research. They fucked up on Jill Stein (source: Jimmy Dore show), Hillary Clinton (source: Secular Talk) AND on Venezuela (source: Empire Files).

  9. Shiva Vidyesh

    Shiva Vidyesh

    4 timer siden

    The fuc just happened ?

  10. Rob Li

    Rob Li

    5 timer siden

    I want that cake and the fork ............................... LOL

  11. jax1492


    5 timer siden

    Fuck trump and Guinness records

  12. Rob Li

    Rob Li

    5 timer siden

    After laughing my ass off and John Oliver actually going through with the cake. I subscribed. LOL

  13. SlipShod Bones

    SlipShod Bones

    5 timer siden

    You can't help but love this show. Damn you John Oliver that was f*cking brilliant.

  14. sl0wh4nd81


    5 timer siden

    Yeah it is easy to confuse it with Taylir Swift new boyfriend..

  15. Jubscleito 76973938•

    Jubscleito 76973938•

    6 timer siden

    You’re a fucking genius John Oliver

  16. Kobba James

    Kobba James

    6 timer siden

    John Oliver, I love you. There I said it.

  17. StasherDragon


    6 timer siden

    This video had more twists and turns than Wild Things.

  18. bheku


    6 timer siden

    God Damn! God Damn! The world we live in today... crazy!! haha

  19. Someone Special

    Someone Special

    6 timer siden


  20. Keshav Ramesh

    Keshav Ramesh

    7 timer siden

    This is definitely up there as one of the best John Oliver segments in history......

  21. Andrew Hershberger

    Andrew Hershberger

    7 timer siden

    That Saudia Arabian prince did mouth "I like that." so that's quite impressed for a Prince.

  22. Paul Medlicott

    Paul Medlicott

    7 timer siden

    Great! Now I’m sad I don’t have cake!

  23. Anis


    7 timer siden

    The ending !! One of the best.

  24. raffi art

    raffi art

    8 timer siden

    This was amazing He destroyed that idiot

  25. Bucci  Jones

    Bucci Jones

    8 timer siden

    Okay I gotta give it up... Old man can spit some bars! I've yet to see Justin Trudeau breaking out some Hip Hop

  26. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker

    8 timer siden

    i love this guy! i wish more people had the balls to tell it like it really is and have so much fun trying to piss off the people and companies they do. thank you mr oliver.

  27. Monika Wernli

    Monika Wernli

    9 timer siden

    I hate to say this, but they have beauty contests for horses in the US, too, they are called horse showmanship or halter classes ;-)

  28. Alexander Nedkov

    Alexander Nedkov

    9 timer siden

    Thats it. I now know why John Oliver seems so familiar, you John - look like the offspring of Lisa Simspon and Milhouse Van Houten. Did you know that? Ha? Did you?.. Has absolutely nothing to do with horsef*** dictators.

  29. Caroline Wang

    Caroline Wang

    10 timer siden

    i want some cake too...

  30. rida jallal

    rida jallal

    10 timer siden


  31. Corrupted Cyborg

    Corrupted Cyborg

    10 timer siden

    I like how john Oliver is slowly getting denied entry in more and more authoritarian countries. I mean sooner or later he might gain the Guinness world record for being denied entry to every other country on earth.

  32. Suburp212


    11 timer siden

    Spends 20 minutes watching the video. Spends hours in the comments section.

  33. Waggish Sagacity

    Waggish Sagacity

    11 timer siden

    So, the meta-message is, I guess folks, Our Beloved Leader is not nearly. as ..weird, shall we say, as the guy with the long name in Turkmenistan. Ah, what a relief! On the other hand, I highly recommend that Our Beloved Leader will contribute to Turkmenistan's lagging tourist industry --- by moving thither permanently ASAP after January 21, 2021.

  34. Rohan Kathpalia

    Rohan Kathpalia

    11 timer siden

    Hi John.. Please make a video on Kashmir, India.

  35. Waldemar Walter

    Waldemar Walter

    12 timer siden

    That is awesome!!!

  36. saultube44


    12 timer siden

    i.postimg.cc/xT45c9GN/WeDidIt.png Dictators are pathetic childish losers with power; instead of Governing they invent show off lies. But to be fair: *intercourse* n. mutual contact between countries; communication, interaction, social exchange of thoughts or feelings; coitus, copulation, sexual relations

  37. Linky Okumura

    Linky Okumura

    12 timer siden

    I fucking love john oliver so much omg the people on this show are HEROS

  38. Evan Fisher

    Evan Fisher

    12 timer siden

    I usually love his videos because of the information you can learn in them. This video is absolute trash IMO. Not only does he joke about a dictator who is making millions of lives awful for 20 minutes, he never even educates you on any topic except Gurbanguly's love for horses and breaking records. TRASH

  39. Taufiq Raymer

    Taufiq Raymer

    13 timer siden

    Nothing about the ongoing shitstorm in HK?

  40. Le Daverix

    Le Daverix

    13 timer siden

    nice... so did Guennes World Record, aknowledge that record?

  41. Polandball_ Art

    Polandball_ Art

    13 timer siden

    5:17 that was fire

  42. Chris Pitts

    Chris Pitts

    13 timer siden

    If only he filled his audience that night with cyclists and spent a minute discussing awareness as well.

  43. 0Turbox


    13 timer siden

    It would have been even funnier, if it was about donkeys ;)

  44. reconhottie


    14 timer siden

    This was amazingly hilarious.

  45. Little Miss Rabbit Witch

    Little Miss Rabbit Witch

    14 timer siden

    That was the literally the funniest shit I've seen all week.

  46. sara neziri

    sara neziri

    14 timer siden

    The people there that night were literally so lucky

  47. 1madDogz


    15 timer siden

    Freedom of the press is a beautiful thing.

  48. Stephen


    15 timer siden

    Human rights abusin horse fucker 😂

  49. aselunar


    15 timer siden

    You bronies better step up your game.

  50. Roman Kononov

    Roman Kononov

    15 timer siden

    Ahh, Turkmenistan, hot sun-baked land where my grandma’s parents went with her and her three younger siblings (she was the oldest) in 1938 to escape WWII. Too bad, though, because the NKVD had leads on my great-grandpa and took him, along with 9 underground bishops and had them shot up by firing squad; it was the time of Stalin’s Purges. Still, my grandma, her mom and her siblings, all eventually got out and returned to Ukraine six years later, as WWII started to draw to a close.

    • Roman Kononov

      Roman Kononov

      15 timer siden

      Regarding the official dictator, I’d say that while he’s laughable, and he is, he appears to me but Putin’s pawn, as most Central Asian presidents are...

  51. approsa


    15 timer siden

    Gotta love John Oliver

  52. Steph anie

    Steph anie

    15 timer siden

    This is my favorite episode ever.

  53. Tori Lu Lu

    Tori Lu Lu

    15 timer siden

    Lol. John is an entire fool 😂😂😂 I knew he'd do something ridiculous at the end...I could literally watch only this show for the rest of my life. 💯😂

  54. meryem sena kara

    meryem sena kara

    15 timer siden

    8:20 "if i was a horse i would fuck that horse" ahahahaahahajakaksj

  55. エイドリ アンウラヌス

    エイドリ アンウラヌス

    16 timer siden

    1.27 reminds me a Dictator movie with Sasha Baron Coen it's should be funny if it doesn't seems so dramatically for whole nation...but I admit it's look fucking funny)))))

  56. mistyken


    16 timer siden

    I hope they make good use of the cake tho...if not its pretty irresponsible to waste so much food...

  57. JL


    16 timer siden

    John Oliver is that anyway you can do a segment to cover the Hong Kong protest?

  58. Roshni Devi

    Roshni Devi

    17 timer siden

    "That's how they make new horses" omg i could just...

  59. Centrist Capitalist

    Centrist Capitalist

    17 timer siden


  60. The Internets

    The Internets

    17 timer siden

    I love watching this man troll the rich and powerful all while telling them "Just try and stop me, because you can't.".

  61. Harshvardhan Krishnamoorthy

    Harshvardhan Krishnamoorthy

    17 timer siden

    My man is fucking insane! 🙌🙌🙌

  62. Gaby Garro

    Gaby Garro

    17 timer siden

    Planet Money FUCK YEAH!

  63. GumbatMansyrly


    17 timer siden

    Put a dislike for the moment on 3:03; Showing Erdogan's picture and claiming he is dangerous leader)) dangerous for whom? For you? for your hidden political agenda? Absolutely yes. Dangerous for his own people? Totally wrong. He is rightful president chosen with transparent elections (keep in mind, he got 53% of votes, not 80-90%). In comparison with your country having only 2 parties - democrats and republican (why? why not 3-4? maybe because otherwise you can lose control over the system?), Turkey has 4-5 parties represented in Turkish parliament. You just wash people's mind and create "enemies abroad" who doesn't listen you (and actually shouldn't, because you are untrustworthy, unreliable, betraying all your partners throughout the world). Turkey becomes independent player in Middle East jeopardizing your plans)) Yes, maybe currently they have problems with their economy, but they will definitely overcome them in next year-two)

  64. Aden john

    Aden john

    19 timer siden

    That cake was an epic ending

  65. afonsords


    19 timer siden

    I was actually thinking about buying this year's edition of guinness book of world records. Not anymore.

  66. Masashiro Knight of Cookieland

    Masashiro Knight of Cookieland

    19 timer siden

    Sooo, he's a brony?

    • carla doumit

      carla doumit

      12 timer siden

      Masashiro Knight of Cookieland yep and he's wprse than the rule 34 bronies

  67. 357CLOUDY Black Feather

    357CLOUDY Black Feather

    19 timer siden

    PoliGangstas around the World. Let them eat cake.

  68. Alex U

    Alex U

    19 timer siden

    I didn’t know john oliver existed until this video recommendation came

  69. Osamathegamer


    20 timer siden


  70. Z'Q


    20 timer siden

    Dammit sacha baron cohen cut this shit out!

  71. Sandeep Gautam

    Sandeep Gautam

    20 timer siden

    What a wannabe Vladimir Putin

  72. Matej Lupták

    Matej Lupták

    20 timer siden

    This was hands down one of the most fire Oliver´s pieces ever. I mean, huge ass fire pit level of fire.

  73. Tuba Yilmaz

    Tuba Yilmaz

    20 timer siden

    this is so embarrassing....

  74. anant kandpal

    anant kandpal

    21 time siden

    what a waste of money

  75. j b

    j b

    21 time siden

    Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has a horse fetish

  76. BESO 787

    BESO 787

    21 time siden


  77. Gaurav Rudravaram

    Gaurav Rudravaram

    21 time siden

    Omg John Oliver you absolute madlad😂😂

  78. pinguaina


    21 time siden

    Do a video about Mother Teresa. She was a cunt not a saint.

  79. Sébastien


    21 time siden

    I want that cake.

  80. Lucas Landry

    Lucas Landry

    21 time siden

    I can't tell, what happened to the horse that fell in the race??

    • Kein Islam Kein Problem

      Kein Islam Kein Problem

      18 timer siden

      i guess theres horse on the menu