Bugha - Stories from the Battle Bus

Follow the journey of the first ever Solo Fortnite World Cup Winner, Bugha, as he relives the moments leading up to his most important Victory Royale.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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  1. NeoGen-Z


    2 timer siden

    *his mom hears him talking and laughing with his friends* His mom: I think it's special My mom: If you can't wake up in the morning at 7 am you are dead....

  2. Btw ma Olen banaan B A N A A N

    Btw ma Olen banaan B A N A A N

    3 timer siden

    3 million views 3 million dollars

  3. Carlos SotO

    Carlos SotO

    3 timer siden

    3:34 Tfue

  4. Ghost Gaming

    Ghost Gaming

    5 timer siden

    Bugha how did you feel when winning the match and getting hug from ninja

  5. million_excursus is fortnite

    million_excursus is fortnite

    7 timer siden

    Please FoRTNITE i .. -> 👹 N FoRTNITE is million_EXCURSUS

  6. Hom Gaming

    Hom Gaming

    7 timer siden

    Mr. Hughen be like

  7. Seowon Lee

    Seowon Lee

    7 timer siden

    Does anyone know what desk he used?

  8. SLP- PopBAT

    SLP- PopBAT

    8 timer siden

    Epic plz UNBAN JARVIS, you can’t do him like that. He’s a content creator, he’s very entertaining to watch and funny at the same time. So plz UNBAN JARVIS

  9. My 220

    My 220

    8 timer siden

    Who ever dislike you have no heart

  10. My 220

    My 220

    8 timer siden

    Won 3 million dollars and his cake looks like that 😂

  11. zAiLer


    11 timer siden

    Bugha malo

  12. aim is COOL

    aim is COOL

    11 timer siden

    old map

  13. robbb


    12 timer siden

    You are soo good🔥🐐

  14. Team Ghoul !

    Team Ghoul !

    12 timer siden

    25:34 is BUGHA’S sister a vsco !!??

  15. TheSt0ry


    13 timer siden

    i love that vid i saw it around 5 million times and i still love it

  16. Civez


    14 timer siden

    8:27 lmao he was filming rong xD

  17. _xkilian


    14 timer siden

    The best video on You tube

  18. Christian2008


    16 timer siden


  19. jose florez

    jose florez

    17 timer siden

    stfu and put a server in south america (i am sure here epic will find better players)

  20. Razie Ahmed

    Razie Ahmed

    17 timer siden

    Do books win you 3 mil?

  21. Erick Vilca

    Erick Vilca

    20 timer siden

    Music 19:53 please!!

  22. Kenneth Wijaya

    Kenneth Wijaya

    20 timer siden

    I hope Bugha will win in the next World Cup.

  23. Dimostenis Tsiamparlis

    Dimostenis Tsiamparlis

    22 timer siden

    Mongraal stories from the quakes

  24. Rarebrine


    22 timer siden

    Ummm... I wanted to confirm one thing. Is Stretch, Bhuga's actual brother?

  25. Malborg


    22 timer siden

    So inspirational 😪😁

  26. Cobalt Straw

    Cobalt Straw

    22 timer siden


  27. Croza05 YT

    Croza05 YT

    22 timer siden

    No ads, captures everything about what Bugha did and what he went through to win. Truely incredible that the way his parents support him

  28. Swornim10 Gamer

    Swornim10 Gamer

    Dag siden

    When will fortnite release on android

  29. Rice Pudding

    Rice Pudding

    Dag siden

    Bahaha watching everyone play completely normal... then the camera switches to mongraal with his keyboard fully diagonal

  30. dukeshooter69


    Dag siden

    I gots the chills when they walked into the arena. Awesome job Bugha!!!!!!!

  31. Rsd DazZle

    Rsd DazZle

    Dag siden

    I’ve always wondered if anyone has tried to steel the trophy 🏆

  32. Space Ex

    Space Ex

    Dag siden

    Don’t pretend you don’t hear the Jason Bourne theme adding to the vibes

  33. SwurvyCurvy


    Dag siden


  34. ジョブズのお供siri


    Dag siden

    日本人いる??? 終始鳥肌が止まらんし最後で泣いてしまったw



      Dag siden




    Dag siden




    Dag siden

    Lets go Buhga

  37. Slobodan Milošević

    Slobodan Milošević

    Dag siden

    Bugha's mom: i think its special My mom: wtf Me: mom please i don't want to go to hospital

  38. TheUpsetPickle


    Dag siden

    Im a goateed player check me out yeah I'm self promoting idc anymore

  39. no bzran

    no bzran

    Dag siden

    god i feelt something 😢😢😢😢😭

  40. qaiben a

    qaiben a

    Dag siden

    Bugha and his family is one of the BEST people in the WORLD!